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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Relationship Between Breastfeeding and Sleep Patterns Little

What is the relationship between sleep and breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding your baby when he is hungry helped to set the time of day, because the guard to be happy as long as he played and was quite tired when it was time to sleep. During the first few months, it is normal for your baby to breastfeed every 2 to 4 hours (unfortunately, this also occurs at night) and to sleep in most of the rest of the time. After passing through these months, he will be more understanding about the time of day and, hopefully, about bedtime.

At the end of the age of three months, most of the child can sleep up to 10 hours at night without waking to breastfeed. However, it takes a little practice to get to that point. To help establish a bedtime routine, set the time of breast-feeding as usual, which is about 7 pm to 9 pm today (this is a good time for him to sleep at a later date). Another way that can Mother do, for example bathe the child and gently massaging with moisturizer, put on pajamas, turning off the lights and then breastfeeding and put him to sleep.

Just think of this as a three M: bathing, breastfeeding, and lull. Because he was nursing and sleeping every 2 to 4 hours between the time, the exercise helped her begin to make a difference between day and night, and, hopefully, will put him to sleep in a long time.

If the child is still breastfed at night, it can help to know the differences of breastfeeding during the day. When your baby wakes up from sleep and the mother suckled at late night, should provide a minimum stimulation. Do not turn on the lights with bright, instead use the lights dimmed and talk to him using a soft voice and calm.

Give cereal to your baby before the age of 6 months will not help her sleep better. This is just a myth and is not recommended because the body is not ready to process solid foods.


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