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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sleeping Position As Safe Young Pregnant Moms for Content

When the stomach began to swell, usually begin to appear anxiety and fear while sleeping. Especially when the content entering the age of the second trimester, when the physical condition Moms steadfast enlarged abdomen.
How safe sleeping position during early pregnancy?

Moms, Do not worry !. Moms created a unique body, so it can provide perfect protection for the fetus !. Basically, the fetus is in the body protection system Moms. Whatever the position of the fetus in the womb will still feel comfortable. Fetus floats in the amniotic fluid. He has his own space enough to be able to move freely and thrive.

There is the fact that quite happy, which makes the Moms do not need to be afraid anymore determining the position of sleep during pregnancy. Moms sleeping position during early pregnancy can be anything, which is important in a comfortable condition and soundly.

There are some positions that can sleep Moms try to get the maximum rest.

1. Sleep Stomach
During early pregnancy, the size of the stomach is not too big, sleeping with the prone position is still quite safe. When the first trimester of pregnancy, which is characterized by chest are more sensitive, tengkuran sleeping position becomes noticeably less comfortable.
The prone position is not very suitable for Moms whose belly began to swell (initial 14 weeks). Moms need to support the thigh with a pillow, because stomach began to swell.

2. Sleeping Face
Supine position is the position that the safest and most comfortable, especially when young pregnant Moms. But this position gradually less recommended during pregnancy has entered the age of 16 weeks. Will automatically load the uterus will rest on the back of the body. This position is vulnerable to health problems such as back pain, indigestion, and hemorrhoids.

This position can also affect the stability of blood pressure. Moms who feel dizzy, and there should actually increase blood pressure. In the case of pregnancy with high blood pressure, sleep in the supine position is not recommended.

3. Bedroom with Leaning Position
Moms sleeping position is strongly recommended that young pregnant is the position sleep on his side. The tilted position is quite safe for the baby in the womb.

Sleep on his side to the left will give some advantages for the baby is in the womb. The fetus will get the blood flow and nutrients to the placenta to the fullest. In addition, due to the inferior vena cava to the right it will restore blood flow to the heart from the lower body.

In addition, the position of the bed tilted to the left will help expedite work in the kidneys dispose of waste products and fluids from the body Moms. This will reduce the swelling in the feet, legs and hands wrist.

Tips Sleep Best Position !

Actually, the main reason behind sleep problems during pregnancy is increasingly growing size of fetus Moms. The following tips are comfortable sleep when the belly has become larger.

1. The sideways to the left.
Lying on your side with your knees bent. Let more comfortable again, place a pillow between your legs, lower back and lower abdomen. This is the recommended sleeping position most doctors when enlarged abdomen. Our heart is in the right part of the abdomen, so that sleep sideways will create pressure to avoid fetal liver. This position can also optimizes blood flow to the placenta and fetus.

2. Sideways Right
Sleep position to the right is also a good position. Moms can change the position to the right and to the left to make your sleep more comfortable. So that lateral position more comfortable, it does not hurt to put a pillow between the knees and one on the back Moms Moms. Or it could also make or can buy a special pillow for pregnant women.

3. Lean
Moms can elevate the pillow, and slept by way of leaning on the pillow. The knee will feel more comfortable again, if Moms put some pillows underneath. Lean sleep could be an option if you do not probably sleep sideways.

4. When Moms Pain
Go to sleep in the supine position. Head resting on a pile of pillows and prop knees with some pillows.

5. When Moms Pegal on Legs
Go to sleep with your back. Head and buttocks supported with pillows. Lean legs (leg straightened out) on the wall, then renggangkan foot as far as possible and rest. Keep your feet remain flat.

6. Position Advanced Pregnancy
Supine position will make the baby's body pressing the large blood vessels at the back of the body Moms. Decreased blood pressure, so Moms like dizziness. Telentanglah as needed! Combine it with the position tilted to the left.

7. Substitution Position
When Moms awakened at night already find themselves in a state of supine, do not worry !, Moms do not do anything to harm the fetus. Indeed, while pregnant Moms must have experienced recurrent change of position several times. Restore just the ideal comfortable position, as the position tilted to the left.

Basically all sleeping position was fine. Provided that make Moms and the fetus in the womb feel comfortable. Good night!@


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