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Saturday, August 8, 2015

How to Quit Smoking

Has been a lot of research that proves that smoking is addictive and due to the negative impact of smoking or extremely hazardous to health. Smoking is a trigger of some deadly diseases such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, adverse effects to the birth, emphysema, and can also hinder the process of muscle repair and growth.

The chemicals (toxins) contained in cigarettes like. Nicotine causes the smoker to feel relaxed. Tar, which consists of over 4000 chemicals of which 60 of them are carcinogenic chemicals. Cyanide, a chemical compound containing Cyano groups. Benzene, also known as benzene, an organic chemical compound which is flammable and colorless. Cadmium, a metal which is highly toxic and radioactive. Methanol (wood alcohol), the simplest alcohol also known as methyl alcohol. Arsenic, the material contained in rat poison. Carbon monoxide, a chemical found in car exhaust fumes. And many more ingredients other hazardous.

Smoking can cause health problems in your body. If you are a smoker good you try to quit your bad habit is. Here is some of the best ways to quit smoking quickly:

1. Convince Yourself
Equip themselves with confidence and determination to quit smoking is the main capital that you must have. Stop merokoklebih than just say it with words, more than that, rest assured yourself to really strong in through obstacles and temptations during the process of quitting smoking

2. Reduce Regularly
A habit that you have done for many years would be difficult if discontinued abruptly. Well, to solve it, you should reduce your cigarettes smoked each day. If previously you spend 3-4 cigarettes, you can gradually reduce to 1-2 cigarette per day, until you actually do not suck at all.

3. Know When Will You Often Smoking
Discover the times when you most often smoke, and also find a solution to avoid these times. For example, a person will tend to smoke when the mind is too late and stress. If so, better to avoid the urge to smoke by doing other activities that can distract you from smoking, such as exercise.

4. Eat Regularly
For smokers, sometimes hunger is often misunderstood as a desire to smoke. Well, to avoid this, eat regularly. Consuming foods high in nutrients such as vegetables and fruits will help you reduce the desire to smoke.

5. Be diligent Exercising
Exercise such as walking and jogging every day will improve your mood and freshness as well as increase your energy. The walk is also a good way to relieve stress is much better than smoking.

6. Hold Your Desire
Every time you feel the urge to smoke, wait 5 minutes before you turn it on. The next day extended to 10 minutes and so on. That way your body will realize that the longer the urge to smoke will disappear slowly.

7. Reinforce the intention rounded determination
For someone who is already addicted to cigarettes, quitting smoking is going to be very difficult. Although only 15 minutes, it would seem difficult. But that does not mean you can not quit smoking, there is nothing impossible in this world. The first step you should do if you decide to quit smoking that strengthens your will and determination to quit smoking.

8. Ask for help from friends and family
Publish your desire to stop smoking to family and friends. Get support from family and close friends to quit smoking, ask them to remind the dangers of smoking to health each time your desire to smoke comes again. And ask the family and friends who are addicted to cigarettes to not smoke in front of you or leave cigarettes in front of you. This could be one of the good start for a surefire way to stop smoking. In addition it will strengthen your resolve to quit smoking when a lot of support coming from the person you love like family and your closest friends.

9. Set your target date
If you've decided to quit smoking, make sure the target time to really - really can stop smoking. You can not directly stop just like that, it would be extremely difficult and would feel tortured you. If you want to quit smoking successfully, you can start by reducing bit by bit, but you are also required to set a time. Target pairs took about 2-3 weeks to really - really can not quit smoking. This is one of the powerful for a powerful way to quit smoking without the need to punish you, because you do it in a way gradual but still targeted time.

10. Starting from the easy way
how to quit smoking easily you can do by providing a sign for your circumstances. If you are in a very stressful condition you are allowed to smoke, but not in equal portions and plenty. You can smoke with a reduced level, so it is not the same as the first portion. If you used to be in a state of stress is able to spend on a pack of cigarettes quickly, this time try was only smoked five cigarettes in one day. But if you feel fine - fine and not in a state of stress you are better off not taking the same caecal. So you smoke in certain circumstances and sebutuhnya course, this can really help you to stop smoking with ease.

11. Avoid the habit to provoke curiosity smoke
Avoid some habits that can make you smoke like drinking coffee, alcohol, staying up late and also bedebat. But if you are not able to avoid it all, you can start to consume the fruit - fruit and milk also because it would give a bad impression if it was accompanied with a cigarette. Also do not combine smoking with relaxing activities such as watching TV, reading magazines sufing up with the internet, it will aggravate your habits and also not good for your health.

12. Search busyness
If you want to quit smoking successfully, you can start on the first day by way of busying yourself with your activities. Do not get stuck in solitude causing your desire to smoke again, looking for a more intense activity and makes you forget for smoking such as cycling, exercising, swimming etc. With many activities and too dense will make you more time to forget the desire to smoke because there is no time to do that.

13. Drink more water
By consuming lots of water will make the cigarette toxins in your body quickly. Besides consuming water can also help you to stop smoking because it will not favor it if smoking in the company of white water. So drink plenty of water, other than good for the health of your body of water will also help you to quit the bad habit of smoking that can damage your health.

14. Busy yourself after eating
Many smokers who after eating they prefer to smoke cigarettes, but if you've decided you have to really - really stopped. It's easy, your habit of smoking after a meal after meal treat with the way straight away for brushing teeth or walking - the road so you can forget about your desire to smoke after a meal. Although a little heavy if you do it regularly and gradually you will be familiar with it all.

15. Avoid places without smoke
Avoid places smoke-free is very difficult to do at this time, but you can do so by choosing a non acid-free such as a library, or bookstore. And if you're with friends - your friends, get them to the place that is a no smoking area.

16. Replace cigarettes (nicotine) with another
Usually people would smoke in the morning accompanied by a cup of coffee, in addition to the ordinary people smoke after eating. many say "wis ora manganese Udud nauseated". If you belong to the category of people like it, eat from now on, replace cigarettes with other foods, can be perment rubber, cocoa, etc. May initially be difficult but if accustomed, after a long time will also be used to.

17. Stay Positive Thinking
If you intend to stop smoking, then do not consider it as a sacrifice. suppose it was a step to leave the things that are not useful.

18. Expand sleep or rest
After a day of trying to hold your smoking habit, your body will surely feel tired. So it would be nice if you add your rest time. Moreover, by way of sleep, you will not think anymore to smoke.

19. Quit smoking from now
You've read tips on how to quit smoking above, you've got the will to quit smoking, the next step is of course start to quit smoking now! Rest assured that quitting smoking was the right decision and would be more beneficial to you.

The point is how to stop smoking the most easily and effectively rooted in yourself. How strong the desire and intention exists within you. If you want positive results, efforts should also be what desires and intentions that exist within you. If you want positive results, efforts should also be positive and stay disciplined. Start a healthy life by quitting smoking today.

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