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Thursday, August 27, 2015


A healthy baby is characterized by eating regularly, gained weight, and you change the diaper around 5 to 8 times a day. Not only is it characteristic of a healthy baby. There are other signs that indicate that your baby is healthy. These were some of the signs:

1. She saw the pattern, color, and movement.

You might not think that the ability of the baby staring ceiling fan would be a sign of health of the baby. But it's a fact. Babies born visibility between 10 to 20 cm. It is the distance between the baby's face with your face when breastfeeding. When he was 1 month, she could see up to 45 cm. And when the age of 2 months, most babies begin to see patterns, colors CERA, and rotating objects such as mobile phones or fan. They do not have perfect color vision. That is why color contrast tends to attract baby's attention.

2. He makes eye contact, smiles, giggles, and tempt people.

The first moment of eye contact with the baby usually occurs when she was one month. His first smile about 2 months, snoring at age 3 months, and 4 months laughs. And none of the growth process is coming too fast. "I wanted to interact with Zachary," said Sally Lee, of New York City, the two-month-old son. "I can not imagine that someday she really spoke to me."

All interactions it shows that your baby berhubungkan with you and more aware of the circumstances surrounding it. On some level, he will understand that people interact with him when he behaves in a way that is socially attractive. At the moment about 5 month old baby, he almost always smile when someone smiles at him. As if it was a reflex.

All the above behavior is an important indicator of early language development. "Babies use body language, including eye contact and facial expressions long before they can speak," Jennifer Shu, pediatrician and author of Heading Home With Your Newborn.

3. He's a little cry and sleep more regularly.

Do you feel that there is an invisible shift in the routine of your baby? That is the result of learning the nervous system. Routines some babies nothing happens faster and the new regular routine usually around age 4 months or more. If your baby is older than 4 months and still eat and sleep at unexpected times, try to make the days scheduled more regularly.

4. Babies recognize new sounds and he was silent to listen

Sign: His hearing and brain evolved to recognize the voice.
Sense of hearing has matured since newborns. Babies need time to distinguish the "white noise" that he heard everyday, like the sound of water splashing, and the hum of a washing machine, with new voices. At 9bulan age, your baby can identify sounds within 1 meter from it, including when his name was called.

5. Babies begin to support the weight of his own body

Sign: the little muscles growing stronger.
At the age of 3 months, infants generally been able to support the head and can do some other skills. To help him strengthen the muscles, give him time to play on the floor with the rest on the abdomen (tummy time) that could accelerate the development of various muscles, including the muscles that serve to roll over or sit up without assistance.

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