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Monday, August 3, 2015

Recognize Signs of a Healthy Pregnancy

Certainly possessed a healthy pregnancy women who maintain their weight, balanced and nutritious diet and regular exercise.

Apart from this, a healthy woman should avoid chronic diseases, such as diabetes or asthma. Well, here are some signs of a healthy pregnancy, as quoted by the Times of India, Friday (08/01/2015):

1. The level of blood pressure and normal sugar
The main indicator of a healthy pregnancy is blood pressure and sugar levels were normal. This monitoring should be carried out every trimester. When the blood pressure and sugar levels fluctuate mother during pregnancy, it is necessary to immediately look out and see a doctor.

Likewise with the spike in blood pressure that can lead to preeclampsia, which can make premature labor.

2. The uterus and placenta healthy
Problems in the uterus and placenta may cause miscarriage in some cases. Therefore, the placenta should be strongly attached to the uterine wall.

3. Fetal growth
This can be checked by checking the weight of pregnant women or during an ultrasound. Lack of fetal growth can be a sign of lack of oxygen in the uterus and can cause disturbances in placental function.

4. Weight
A doctor will usually recommend weight gain during pregnancy is 13-15 kilograms. However, if a woman is already overweight, the doctor usually tend advised to lose weight into the normal range.

5. Levels of hormones
Progesterone and estrogen, this hormone depicts two healthy sign of pregnancy. A pregnant woman can produce 400 mg of progesterone. These hormones regulate the endometrium for implantation, keeping women from menstruation, and keep the uterus during pregnancy.

6. Growth stomach
A doctor should ideally perform routine measurements of the mother's abdomen to ensure that the growth and development of infants developing healthily.

7. Fetal Movement
Doctors usually will count fetal movements to track how healthy pregnancy is. Between 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, mothers tend to start feeling fetal movement. Fetal movement also ensures the baby receives enough oxygen and that the baby was fine.


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