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Sunday, August 9, 2015


How to overcome insomnia - Sleep is one of the pleasures that must have felt everyone. With sleep our body will rest and regenerate power back that has been used for everyday activities. Everyone crave sleep soundly. But what if it turns out someone actually even disturbed in his sleep. He actually even harder to sleep, especially at night. Such conditions would have to be addressed. Because it was feared would instead lead to other problems such as disease.


The cause of a person experiencing difficulty sleeping disorders there are a lot of things. It could be someone who is having difficulty to sleep because it is experiencing stress due to the pressure of mind, or it could be air unfavorable conditions such as too hot or too cold. Find the cause!

What is the cause that makes you difficult to sleep. Is it because there is something of a problem do you think, or because of bad weather. By knowing these reasons you can find a solution. Let's say the cause of your stress because of work in the office thinking about the problem then the solution is to calm yourself first. For you are a Muslim, you can ablutions then pray two cycles. Then you can also remembrance before you sleep. Think of a solution of your problem is not thinking about the problem but look for a solution. So with that stress that you experience little by little faded. If you experience difficulty sleeping disorders due to bad weather for example heat, you can install a fan near your bed. Or if it was too cold, you can use a thick blanket or jacket.


The following simple tips how to overcome insomnia that may be you are experiencing at this time. Among way is as follows:

1. Suit your bed and improve your sleep position as relaxed as possible.

2. Clean up your bed. Do not let your bed messy especially filled garbage food. This will interfere with comfort. Try to compare if your bed is clean, fragrant aroma will certainly sleep more soundly.

3. Shower after work. Fresh body after a long day of work would make you relax before bed.

4. Sweat on the body after a long day of work also can disrupt your comfort. Bathe in the afternoon. If you come home late at night and wanted a shower then wash with warm water so that your body does not hurt.

5. Pay attention to hygiene, such as washing the face, washing the feet and other parts of the body hygiene. This will make us feel comfortable so that they can sleep soundly.

6. Try to set a bedtime and wake up. Sleep and wake up at the same time every day, also on holiday. Make a habit of keeping the schedule, so that your sleep patterns return to normal. Avoid naps.

7. In order for you physically more tired, try exercising in the afternoon or evening. It can facilitate the rest / sleep.

8. Stop the habit of drinking coffee, tea, cola and other drinks containing caffeine, especially in the evening and at night when going to sleep.

9. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. At first, alcohol did make the sleepy, but later you will wake up in the middle of the night and fall asleep.

10. Drink a warm drink during the hour before bedtime.

11. Avoid eating too full or too little, because it will make the stomach responds abnormally.

12. If you work in the afternoon, stop at least one hour before your bedtime.

13. Be sure to make your bed comfortable and good ventilation bedrooms.

14. When you go to sleep, try to arrange the bedroom light becomes dim. This will stimulate the brain to produce melatonin, which guides the eyes to shut.

15. Although you often have trouble sleeping at night, but do not use sleeping pills, especially if without doctor's advice. If this is done, it will remain resistant insomnia. The use of sleeping pills is often only as a temporary relief, so if expires it will return insomnia.

Thus tips, causes and ways to overcome insomnia that you can apply in your daily life. No need to use drugs, simply by changing habits, a healthy lifestyle and a relaxed mind.

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