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Thursday, August 13, 2015

8 Foods That Should Avoid When Pregnant

During pregnancy, a person is strongly recommended to always keep food and beverages consumed every day. Not only that, living a healthy lifestyle should also be done so that the baby and mother are always healthy and away from any risk of disease and infection.

Some studies mention that when a mother keep the intake of food consumed each day, it is not only making a healthy baby and mother. Rather, the baby in the womb can also grow and develop into smart and intelligent children.

Quoted from page, there are some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy so the baby is healthy and smart. Such foods include the following:

1. Heart And Ampela
Offal is not only delicious food but also have a distinctive flavor which contains several important nutrients for the body. But remember, offal such as liver and gizzard should not be consumed during pregnancy. Study indicate if in the liver and gizzard contains vitamin A high enough so that makes it quite dangerous if consumed in large amounts.

2. Vegetables and Fruit What Not Washed With Net
Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods that are highly recommended to be consumed every day. But, both of these foods can actually be very dangerous if consumed in large quantities during pregnancy. Not only that, the fruits and vegetables that are not washed thoroughly before eating is also susceptible to contain a variety of bacteria in which the bacteria are said to be very harmful to the health of the unborn baby.

3. Meat raw or undercooked
We need to know, bacteria contained in raw or undercooked meat is very harmful to the developing fetal brain. When pregnant, you should avoid a variety of processed foods containing raw meat in it as well as sushi.

4. Herbal Tea
Herbal tea is actually a healthy beverage. But if taken during pregnancy, herbal tea can actually be very dangerous to the health of both mother and fetus in the womb. According to some medical experts, pregnant women should reduce the consumption of herbal teas, including herbal teas made from chamomile flowers.

5. Without Pasteurized Milk And Cheese
Although milk and cheese said to be good healthy food for pregnant women. Some types of milk it is recommended that avoided during pregnancy. Milk and cheese are advised to avoid milk or cheese are unprocessed or unpasteurized before. If you want to drink milk and eat cheese to be more healthy, be sure to choose milk and cheese which is intended for pregnant women.

6. Caffeine And Alcohol
There have been many studies that reveal if a food or beverage containing caffeine and alcohol are not good for health. These two things are also highly recommended that pregnant women be avoided. Caffeine and alcohol mentioned can cause stunted fetal growth and development.

7. Certain Fish Products
Large fish, such as swordfish, shark, and king mackerel, typically have higher mercury levels, compared with other fish. Mercury is a byproduct of coal combustion that interfere with the normal development of a child's brain is growing and the nervous system. Fish caught in rivers, lakes, and ponds also sometimes includes industrial pollutants that damage to the developing nervous system.

8. Foods That Cause Allergies
If you, your husband, or one of the other children who have allergies, your baby more susceptible to food allergies. Avoiding certain food allergens, such as nuts and nut products during pregnancy and lactation, can reduce the risk of allergies in children who are prone to allergies. Before changing your diet, you should consult with your doctor about your family history of allergies and asthma, and ask about food allergies.

Mother, why are some foods that should be avoided during pregnancy. In addition to the above foods, other foods also need to be avoided are processed meat, cigarettes, eggs, seafood that contains mercury, foods containing preservatives, excess salt or sugar and all products that can cause listeria infection.

Hopefully this information is helpful and make sure to always apply a good healthy lifestyle during pregnancy or not. Maintain a healthy lifestyle not only have a positive impact on physical health but also maintain psychological health.

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