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Friday, August 14, 2015

Make Powder Of Natural Ingredients

At adolescence certainly not a new phenomenon if you want to always perform perfectly. The most frequent way to get or boost performance is to apply yourself using make-up equipment. When talking about the make-up, powder certainly will not be left behind. The use of powder on the face that will be made up, at the same time serves as a protective coating of dust and dirt. However, if the use of powder that does not fit can only stimulate acne around the face area.

Acne is one skin disease that everyone in this world is definitely experiencing the most hated. Skin problems this one is identical to the teenage years, it could come up with a variety of factors such as genetics, excess oil, bacteria, and lack of match beauty products. As has been mentioned earlier that the election could be wrong powder to stimulate the appearance of acne, go as deep as last factor causes acne.

Basically powder made from various chemicals. And if it owned its skin sensitive to chemicals, reactions are usually demonstrated by skin redness, itching, acne, and the most severe could have contracted skin cancer. So that the necessary precautions in choosing the powder to be used. But it would be nice again to make its own powder material natural. The use of natural ingredients will not harm, because the natural ingredients have no side effects, and tend to be more readily accepted by even sensitive skin.

How to make natural powder itself is not difficult. We can make it in a simple way. Way that does not require a lot of equipment or materials. Because of the past until now the natural is often much safer than modern. Safe because the use of natural ingredients for the manufacture of powder are materials that are already provided by nature. Flora which can be exploited by humans.

As a wise man will certainly look for natural ingredients that would have been obvious usefulness. Likewise with the making of this natural powder. One of the staples of a natural powder that can be used is yam. Tubers tropical American origin have Latin name Pachyhirus erosu. Coming from a family of legumes shaped white bulbs which can weigh up to 5 kg.

This fruit contains the main form of sugar, calcium, phosphorus and starch. The content of this starch that can be used to become powder. As one of the basic cosmetic used almost all women in the world. As a cosmetic advance before using makeup more in makeup. Certainly so special powder of white yam and safe for the skin because it is free of preservatives. That is why this yam powder use is relatively short period of only two weeks.

Used materials

  • Jicama - To simplify the process of stripping you can choose yam big ones. By doing so, stripping can be faster and more meat that can be used to make this powder. Flesh which is the main ingredient for making powder. The more flesh the more also powder that will be generated later.
  • Water - Water that is used is clean water. Water that is free from pollution and thus has the requisite water in general is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Better yet, if the water used is boiled water that has been boiled first and then drained. Its function is of course that the more sterile water because of germs-bacteria uda dead.
  • Roses - Roses are additives that are used to how to create a natural talc. How to make the roses chosen because this is entirely natural powder using natural materials including pewanginya. Later essence of roses that will be used to give the distinctive aroma of roses in the natural powder is made from yam. Usefulness of course to eliminate the bad smell of the powder produced yam.

besides it can also use the materials as follows:

The materials used in making natural powder is 200 grams of rice, Intersection dribbles 30 grams, 30 grams of ginger and white, betel nut powder 1 tablespoon, and 2 pieces of crown god. The first step is making the rice soak for 2 weeks in a row with the change of water every day. Then peeled white Intersection Intersection dribbles and then puree in a blender. Furthermore, boiled 2 Phaleria that have been cut into small pieces, and take boiled water. Combine all the ingredients to become small dots and store it so special.

How to Make Natural Foundation of Yam

  • Because yam are in the soil, usually stick to dry land on the skin should be cleaned. Peel the jicama of skin after washing with clean water. Once peeled washed under running water to remove all dirt left when stripping and cut into medium and drain.
  • Prepare blander duly clean water that has drained sufficiently mature. Then enter the yam flesh and puree in a blender.
  • Filter yam that has been smoothed with a small porous cloth to take the juice. Sari was then going to be the forerunner of yam powder.
  • If you've collected the juice next step is to precipitate the yam juice for 4-5 hours. Close to avoid contamination of insects and other bacteria.
  • Meanwhile prepare some stem roses petals taken alone. Add a little water and knead until issuing the juice. Furthermore allowed to stand for 30-60 minutes to get extract fragrant roses. In addition to roses, you can also change with ylang flower or another flower to your liking. To get the distinct aroma from your own homemade powder this. The process is the same just different flowers and the fragrance alone.
  • After 4-5 hours of water and starch of yam to be separated because of precipitate. Then you only throw away the remaining water and let the rest of the precipitate from the juice of this yam.
  • The next step is mixing the extract of rose that mix evenly on the yam extract sediment.
  • Drying in the sun yam extract sediment that has given extracts of roses to dry.
  • Once dry it will be left yam flour or starch fragrant that you can use as a powder.

Efficacy Powder Yam

Although the way pembuatanya very easy and simple, efficacy is not inferior to modern powder. There are some of the properties of this yam powder, are as follows

  1. Skin Lightening Face - One of the famous natural whitening is yam. That is why many beauty products either lotion, moisturizer, cream scrubs, and so on using the yam in the manufacture of its products. By using the yam powder facial skin will look brighter if used regularly. Black spots on waja because of the sun, aging or even acne scars can fade little by little.
  2. Refreshing Skin - Eye yam can also refresh the skin because it feels cold on the skin. Make your skin feels fresher after powdery. With fresh skin can certainly make you more excited and confident undergo your activity. No more oily skin or feels dull. Keep you refreshed at any time with a powder that you create yourself.
  3. Facial toning - Other properties that make the skin feel firmer. Do not need a plastic surgery or a face lift to tighten the skin. Simply use natural powder made from yam routinely. Naturalness make a powder that you use are free of side effects. You do not need to be afraid of allergies, or even skin cancer due to the use of this powder. Dangers that lurk you ketka you choose to use modern leather fasteners. Medicines that contain chemicals that exaggeration to tighten the skin.
  4. Giving Natural Nutrition Skin - The content of the powder contained in the yam is also believed to feed your skin. Being a giver natural nutrition skin so your skin will stay fit and healthy. Because however skin cells also need nutrients in order to continue to regenerate. Make your skin look younger

All The action that you can get simply by making the natural powder of yam itself. A few simple steps from material which would easily obtainable but produces many benefits. You also can save you money because certainly cheaper than you buy modern powder on the market. Equally important your skin is protected from exposure to chemicals that can cause damage.

To be beautiful is not to be expensive is not it? You only need to sacrifice a little time, a little effort to get maximum results. Whoever you are, wherever you can definitely make this a natural powder itself. Who knows your artificial powder can later be the source of your income and family. Besides having a healthy skin, you also can menamba your financial coffers. Good luck!

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