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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Are Moms coffee or tea lover? Fearing the effects of caffeine content can be consumed by infants through breast milk? Consider the following review of

The lactation, coffee and tea or consuming other foods containing caffeine such as frozen yogurt, ice cream, milk chocolate, soft drinks are allowed. Provided, not in excessive amounts. When caffeine into the blood, approximately 1% of its entry in the milk. The amount of caffeine in breast milk will last for hours after drinking Moms.

Sources of caffeine is not just coffee and soda. Chocolate, some types of painkillers and fever medications also contain caffeine. Make it a habit to check beforehand in the packaging how many levels of caffeine in drinks or drugs.

Another case if your baby had just been born. Sipped coffee habit should be stopped first, because newborn babies are very sensitive to the effects of caffeine. Based on the study, infants were stimulated caffeine can feel uncomfortable when being breastfed. This is what can affect milk production. When babies become interested in nursing, the breast so it is not stimulated and milk production may decline.

Because the function of your baby's body can not break down and destroy the caffeine content, the caffeine can accumulate in the body system. But, if the baby has been stepped age of 3 months, your baby can more efficiently process the caffeine, and over time the small body functions will be able to destroy it.

Many experts argue that the caffeine dose and the right amount, not more than 300 mg, still perfectly normal for breastfeeding mothers. In addition, there are no ill effects or any changes in the behavior of the baby.

But, if you drink coffee or tea more than 2 or 3 cups of glasses each day, then one of you even both could easily irritability, anxiety, making people annoyed, and insomnia.

The researchers also informed that the effect on each baby is different. If your baby looks different behavior even if you only drink a little caffeine, you should reduce the amount of caffeine you consume or stop for a while.


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