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Friday, August 21, 2015

Special Nutritional Needs During Pregnancy

Proper nutrition during pregnancy is very important. Some conditions as described below is a condition in which the mother needs to pay attention to diet. Consult with your doctor to determine the nutritional needs of mother and be sure to arrange the schedule routine antenatal care.

Do you Aged More Than 35 Years?
Increasingly, more and more women who give birth and become a mother. However, to avoid the complications that occur during pregnancy, a healthy lifestyle is a more important factor than the age itself.

If the mother older than 35 years old and pregnant, she needs a calorie and nutrient intake were similar to younger women. But keep mother remember if women are more likely to accumulate fat. And a higher risk of high blood pressure and gestational diabetes. Fortunately, the implementation of a healthy diet can help control gestational diabetes. Maintain a diet rich in protein and balanced, and avoid fast food, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Do you A Vegetarian?
As a vegetarian who is pregnant, she should make sure to get adequate intake of protein, vitamin D and B12, and calcium. Consult with your doctor about alternative nutrient sources to meet all the nutritional needs of mother and ask if the mother needs to take vitamin supplements.

Do you Experiencing Diabetes During Pregnancy (gestational diabetes)?
Diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) experienced by 5 percent to 7 percent of women in the United States. This disease causes an increase in blood sugar levels which can affect pregnancy and the health of the child in the womb. If these conditions can be handled well, she would give birth to a healthy baby.

How do you control diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes)? By implementing a healthy diet and balanced, exercise regularly (and not too loud), and most importantly, in cooperation with doctors.

Do you Bed Rest During Pregnancy?
If the doctor asks Mom to bed rest during pregnancy, it is very important for the mother to apply a balanced diet that meets all nutritional needs and maintain weight. Ask a partner or assistant households to prepare light meals and healthy snacks beside the mother's bed, along with a pitcher of water.

To ensure properly channeled blood to the placenta, lie to the left side as often as possible. Avoid lying on your back that causes pressure on the veins carrying blood from the lower body to the heart.

Do you Contains Twins?
The more the baby in the womb, the more stringent competition nutrients must provide for their mother. This is one reason why many baby twins, and multiples, have a risk of low birth weight and preterm delivery is higher. Consult with your doctor to ensure that the mother already has a healthy diet and nutrition do you need to support child development have been met.

In the second trimester, experts advise pregnant women with one baby eats about 2,500 calories per day. For a mother who is pregnant with three babies or more, start to consume 3,000 or more calories per day as soon as the baby's mother knows that carrying twins-and, of course, have a healthy diet recommendations from doctors.

When adding more food on the menu, avoid unhealthy calories as contained in fast food. Here are some healthy ways to improve the nutrition of food intake Capital:
  • Consumption of food of every variety of foods.
  • Scheduling meals and snacks to avoid eating too much or little.
  • Be sure to drink milk every day products in sufficient quantities, such as low-fat milk, yogurt, or cheese.
  • Add more fruits, vegetables, and grains.
  • Bring snacks such as dried fruits, nuts, and whole grain crackers in a bag.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Regularly eat small amounts of food or snacks.
  • Ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins and DHA supplements.
Iron is very important for mothers carrying twins that need to eat lots of lean meats and green vegetables. Chances are, your doctor will also advise the mother to prenatal supplements.


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