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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

13 Tips Fast and Healthy Skin Care

As we get older, the signs of aging on the face was a problem that many women often complained. However, if you are diligent in caring for the skin with the right products, you can enjoy skin that is always tight and healthy.

To that end, Cobal follow the 10 tips below:

1. Some skin problems such as irritation caused by using a moisturizer that is not according to skin type. Therefore, if you have:
- Oily skin, use a lotion without oil content or oil free
- Dry skin, use a cream textured solid with a content-rich water
- Sensitive skin, choose products without the content of fragrances (fragrance free).

2. Select a moisturizer that suits your skin type. You should try the product first. Avoid areas of the skin of the face, brush a little product on the side of the neck to be covered with hair if you have a reaction. If it has passed the test for 3 days, you can continue the product. If the product contains an easy irritants such as retinol or alpha hydroxy acids continue to use basic cleaning without antioxidants and cause flaking.

3. Choose a sunscreen that works to protect the skin from exposure to ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, experts say women rarely use sunscreen sufficient
so the faster wrinkled skin conditions and prone to skin cancer. For that, use spf 30 every morning after bathing. Meanwhile, if a lot of outdoor activities, use spf 45.

4. For skin care at night, use lotion that contains retinol. If the skin becomes red, greed advance and apply moisturizer while the skin is dry.

5. If you require serum, select the formula hyaluronic acid (HA). To reduce fine lines and keep skin taut, retinol into a powerful content. While To camouflage dark spots, try the serum containing soya (soy).

6. Large pores appear due to clogging dead skin and oil. The fastest way to fix this is to use cleaner containing 5 and 1 percent salicylic acid.

7. If you have oily skin, use some of the following products:
- Moisturizer with spf. Spf be key because sunlight can stimulate oil production.
- Foundation powders to help improve makeup. If you are accustomed to using liquid foundation, sprinkle a little talcum powder on the surface of the skin.
- Paper oil. Use paper from plastics that can absorb minyakdan can be used without damaging the makeup.

9. Make sure you choose a concealer that is easy to blend. Choose a color that suits your skin. Because of the lighter colors will invite the attention around the eyes.

10. The black spots are relatively appear with age. To disguise if:
- The condition of minor problems: use a cream containing retinol high.
- Conditions of serious problems: consult a dermatologist to get the cream

11. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day
With frequent drinking 8 glasses of water per day can also prevent premature aging and wrinkles in the face. This is because water and minerals are good for neutralizing toxins in the body, so the skin will feel noticeably in the humid conditions. even the water is also very useful for preventing acne on the face. So drink eight glasses of water a day to keep skin moist, firm and look younger, familiarize ya ...

12. Reduce the habit of smoking and drinking coffee
If you a fan of coffee it is better to avoid frequent drinking coffee if you want to look younger, because in many coffee contains caffeine which will make your face is getting older faster. and to which smokers are also good as far removed bad habits, because in addition to harming the health, smoking can also make your face wrinkles. Why is that? because cigarettes contain many toxic substances and hazardous active ingredients that will accelerate premature aging.

13. Sleeping sufficiently and regularly and avoid staying up late
If you often stay up then the emergence of the aging will be faster. Because if too much staying up pallor due to reduced blood (rhoma song: D) otherwise it will cause slack eye bags that will make your face look old.

Tips For Skin Firmness with Mask of Natural Ingredients:

1. Use egg whites as a mask.
egg white is able to remove dead skin cells that exist in the face, so it is perfect for toning your face, the way is quite easy, just stick egg whites only to face and rub evenly, and feel the egg white will be tugging on your face and try to do a lot of moving face when using this mask

2. The banana can also be used as a mask
Banana is a delicious food that contains vitamin for health, and who would have thought that this nutritious fruit is also very good for toning the facial skin naturally. how to grab the banana fruit pulp and enter into the bowl after the puree with a spoon, use the mashed banana on the face you as a mask, and wait for 20-30 minutes and then wash with cold water.

3. lime
Orange juice contains elements of chemical compounds that are very good for skin health as well as lime also contain oxidants that are indispensable for the skin, how to use it is quite easy that you simply mix the lime juice with egg white, then apply the face you and let to dry, besides lime is also very useful for removing stains black spots on the face.

Source: From Various Sources


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