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Monday, November 9, 2015

This causes Why Skin Not Smooth

Has a smooth skin and clean would be the desire of every woman. However, often there are stains or even damage to the skin that makes it not perfect.

Skin health depends on several factors, such as the treatment is done every day. Not only that, the routine is done daily can also affect the health of your skin.

Sometimes many women do not realize that his activity can damage the skin and make it not smooth and clean. Treatment with coming to a dermatologist may be an easy way to make the skin beautiful again. However, this method will not last long if we are still doing the same treatment that can damage the skin.

Therefore, it is important for every woman to identify any cause that can eliminate hygiene and skin smoothness. Reporting from Boldsky, Wednesday (25/02/2015) The following are several reasons why the skin becomes smooth and clean.

1. Using Products Not Available

Choose products that suit your skin type. If you have oily skin, use products that comply with oily skin, as well as for dry skin, acne, and others. It is important to know your skin type before you decide to buy a wide range of beauty products. One way to do is to go to a dermatologist. There you can find out the character of your skin. In addition, note the beauty products that will be used, not to the product have expired because it can damage the skin.

2. Consistent

Use beauty products that can make your skin become visible either consistently. If you've tried a product and have a positive impact on the skin, use the product consistently and do not try other products. Most of the women are often tempted different types of products through the ads they see. Usually they tend to try different products and see its effects on the skin. Avoid this and try to be consistent in one product.

3. Face Wash

After doing a variety of activities outside the home, do not forget to wash your face when returning home. Face sweaty and exposed to a lot of dust on the road will cause a lot of dirt. Washing your face can get rid of the debris on the surface of the face.

4. Do not Touch Face Too Often

Touching the face too often will just add dirt on your face. Hand you save a lot of dirt invisible because many hold objects. Feces containing the bacteria effect is not good for the skin. You may not wash their hands every time they touch the face is not it? For that, try to reduce and do not touch your face too often.

5. Chronic Stress

One of the reasons for a clean and smooth skin is free of stre. State of mind that stress can attack your skin internally. Factors of the effect of this will be huge for the health of the skin. Make yourself a relaxed condition and may require some sort of refreshing for the mind becomes fresh.


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