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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Am I Addicted to Food? Identify Characteristics

Each person must have a favorite food. But if we feel every day should intake of these foods and if not the effect we become irritable and nervous, it could be that you are already addicted to food.

Food addiction, like addiction to other substances, caused by a shortage of dopamine receptors in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical that makes us feel "wow". It makes us feel should mengasup something that makes us feel satisfied and happy.

Food addiction and obesity is influenced by genetic factors. But research also shows environmental factors play a strong role. In fact, today we live in an environment that is designed to experience food addiction.

The food industry continues to look for ways that we constantly buy food because of addiction. In addition, foods high in fat and high in sugar also triggers the same reaction in the brain as well as drugs, although the effect is not as big as illicit drugs.

Here are some questions that can show whether you have had a food addiction. If your answer mostly is "Yes", then you do have a problem.

1. Have you ever felt need to reduce the intake of food? Many people do eat more when a specific event, the difference is if you can not help yourself then you could lose control.

2. Have you ever bothered when other people criticize your diet? If you feel angry when others teased about the amount of food you are, it may be because you feel bound by these foods.

3. Do you often feel guilty with your diet? Could be because the amount you think is too big or because you've promised yourself to control your intake but always failed.

4. Have you ever wake up and unwittingly spend certain foods?

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