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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sweating Not That Burn Fat

Not a few people who think that when the body sweats means no burning of fat occurs in the body. In fact, sweating has nothing to do with fat burning.

Sweat arise when the body is exposed to water and dissolve the salt from the sweat glands in the body along with a small amount of urea. Sweating is the body's way of regulating the temperature so that we do not feel the heat when the heat or the body temperature rises. Evaporation of sweat through the skin surface has a cooling effect on the body.

During the exercise, when muscles become hot due to exertion, the body will tend to spend a lot of sweat. However, the amount of sweat that comes out has nothing to do how much the amount of fat burned, or how effective exercise you have done.

It's true if you're exercising, the body fat will be burned. But it must be done with proper exercise technique, not just the amount of sweat that comes out.

Fat into an energy source during metabolism while exercising. But the heat from the outside of the body or the weather also stimulates the sweat glands under the skin. Glands then produce wastes consisting of water, salts, minerals, lactate and urea. Water is a major component derived from the space between cells that surround the sweat glands. So while exercising the body will experience the process of burning fat and sweaty in one time.

Anything that affects how much you sweat?

1. Sweat cools the body
The process of sweating or also called thermoregulation is a reaction when the body is feeling the heat. If you're exercising, sweat out your body wet. With so slowly the body temperature will decrease with optimal because perspiration from the body.

2. Body condition also affects how much you sweat
A variety of things can affect how much you sweat, such as gender, metabolism, gene, emotional state, physical activity, drug use, temperature, humidity and the environment will be the cause of many a person sweat production. However, it should be understood that the amount of fat burned is not determined by the amount of sweat production, meaning if you're exercising and sweat, not necessarily so much the burning body.

3. Sweat and fat are very different
When you're exercising, fat in the body is to be burned, but the sweat produced per person is not the same, depending on metabolism, sex and length of a person's exercise. Sweat and fat are two very different things. If the body feels light after exercise and sweating, these are not as fat had been burned or wasted, but because of the shrinkage of water in the body by up to 75% after you exercise. So do not be too confident in advance, even if you already exercise and sweat, it does not mean fat in the body is burned. It depends on the technique of the exercise. It should also be understood that men sweat more than women during exercise. But it is not too absolute.

4. Sweating too much can lead to dehydration
Dehydration can occur because due to the loss of fluid in the body. In addition, sweating too much can decrease the performance of your workout or sports and make the body tired. Be careful because if the body loses water to 15% would endanger the health, and even death can occur. Therefore do not exercise in the sun by wearing a thick coat parachute. It can actually lead to dehydration and may not be able to burn fat as you want. Exercise and regular diet is the most effective and good for burning fat in the human body.

For some people, they just spend a little sweat while exercising, but again, this is not an indication of how hard or soft they exercise. A study conducted at the Osaka International and Kobe University in Japan found that men under normal conditions do not currently exercise alias can sweat as much as women who are exercising.

In fact, according to Jenny Scott, MM-HR, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS, Academic Advisor of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the body fit, the less sweat to be released during exercise. "Your body has to adapt to the portion of your usual exercise daily. Need extra servings to make the body heat and sweat," said Jenny.

However, if you've been sweating while only 10 minutes of training, it does not mean you do not fit. Each person has a number of sweat glands are different, so that for certain people, a quick walk to the mailbox in front of the house had been able to make him sweat.

People who sweat easily, is also dehydrated. Jenny suggest to you that a very active sweat glands, to drink a bottle of water before exercise and drink one or two sips every 30 minutes throughout the exercise session.

Selaain it, always carry water even outside the sports schedule. Take all the time you feel thirsty. Because, it is a signal that your body is on the verge of dehydration and need extra fluids.

So What Can Burn Fat?

So, you already know that sweating is a common symptom will not increase metabolism or help you lose weight than just the body cool itself and fluid loss. So, what can help you burn fat?

"Consistent exercise and diet, with an emphasis on the set patterns and the amount of food consumed. Ensuring and discipline not to consume more calories than the amount needed by your body is very important, "said Kevin Richardson, a personal trainer Hollywood celebrities and Natural Bodybuilder champion, who is also the creator of fitness program Naturally Intense High Intensity Training.


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