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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Beauty care that Make Skin Old faster

Already a nature if women want to always look beautiful. Various treatments from head to toe was done in order to have the perfect look.

However, you should be careful. Instead beautify the appearance, some damage to the skin would occur if we do excessive care.

Here is a Skin Care Mistakes that Make Looks Older skin care that should be done in moderate amounts alias is not excessive:

1. Exfoliation or peeling skin
Facial scrubs aims to remove dead skin cells and unclog the skin. This treatment can make skin clean and healthy.
However, the use of scrub too often, will eliminate the protective layer at the top of the skin, making it dry and chapped.

Direct Handling: Apply a cream containing 1 percent hydrocortisone to relieve irritation. Use unscented cleanser and moisturizer. You should avoid using products containing retinoids and alpha hydroxy.

Advanced Handling: To minimize exfoliation, instead of using a scrub with jojoba beads. Perform a gentle exfoliation at least 2 times a week.

2. Teeth Whitening
Material peroxide is used in all teeth whitening to remove stains. But without a doctor's supervision, teeth whitening procedures at home actually have a negative impact.

A dentist from New York, Lana Rozengerg explained that if the use of peroxide sydah more than recommended, the teeth will be porous, irritation of the gums and the teeth become sensitive to hot and cold.

Direct handling: Stop whitening your teeth for six months or until the irritation subsides. Brush your teeth using toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate which will inhibit pain signals from the brain to the teeth. Fluoride also helps remineralize tooth enamel is lost.

Advanced handling: Limit the use of bleach for at least 6 months and is not used for 20 consecutive days. Reduce food or drink colored, such as tomatoes, red wine and coffee because it will give the former a yellow on your teeth.

3. Erosion skin of the foot
Very good pumice stone to smooth the skin and remove dead skin cells on the foot. However, if used too often, the foot will be susceptible to infection and be sensitive, especially if you do not use a special knife.

Direct Handling: Apply an antibiotic if the foot was bleeding and cover with a bandage. Do not do a pedicure until the wound is healed.

From administration of follow-up: Replace pumice with stainless material, because the pumice becomes an easy target bacteria to multiply. "Clean up your heels once a week when taking a shower, because the water helps loosen dead skin so easily eroded," said David Bank, an expert Dermatology.

4. The volume enhancer products
Gels, sprays and some products to make hair fluffy, can make the hair becomes unhealthy. The product containing polymer materials and alcohol, which can eliminate the hair moisture.

Direct Handling: Wash once a week with a shampoo that contains additional cleaning agents and acid residue remover to clean up the remnants of chemicals that accumulate.

Advanced Handling: Change your hairstyle to give the impression of "volume" and use a hairdryer to the head as well as the use of non-alcoholic products which contain a lot of water which is certainly not going to make your hair dry

5. Forget Sunscreen
One of the mistakes that could disrupt your skin is to forget the use of sunscreen. This can damage your skin slowly due to the effects of sunlight.

6. Experiment Face
Never make your face as experimental material for a wide range of beauty products. If you use a product, focus on the product and do not easily alternated brand.

7. Ignoring Part Around Eyes
Never miss part around your eyes. When age began to increase, this area will be an important area because it is starting to show aging of the skin. Without realizing these areas are often neglected and forgotten.

8. Using Too Much Make Up
Excessive use of makeup can destroy the skin because they contain harmful ingredients that can make your age seem to grow faster.

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