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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Natural Ingredients replacement MSG

As we know, MSG or micin have side effects that are harmful to human health if consumed in excess, MSG Danger can be avoided by replacing it with a natural flavoring that is not less get a delicious. Let's look at what the natural flavors.

Here are the Natural Flavor Seasonings for replacement MSG:

Shrimp paste
Shrimp paste is a substance naturally produced flavors of powdered fish and shrimp are seasoned in a way that gives a distinctive savory flavor. Usually used to make chili paste, but the paste can also be used for stir-fried vegetables such as kale, spinach sautéed, stir-fried broccoli, sour vegetables, and fried rice.

Beef sausage
Beef sausage can be used as natural flavoring meat substitute, of course, you must make sure that the sausage is not sausage containing MSG danger, Beef sausage is usually already contain salt, meat, and broth.

How to cultivate beef sausage to be used as a flavoring is to cut thin and inserted on the cuisine. Without MSG lot, you also had delicious dishes and you and your family can be free from the dangers of MSG.

Cheese is not only rich in nutrients, but also often can be used as natural flavoring ingredients to replace MSG. Cheese naturally have an inherent salty taste that could be used as a substitute for MSG danger.

How to? Enough grated cheese with grated finely and put on cooking without adding salt again. Cuisine Andapun is free from the dangers of MSG.

Pandan leaves
Pandan leaves do have a distinctive aroma that can add a delicious aroma and flavor of food. Pandan leaves can be used as a natural flavoring, not just a natural flavoring alone, pandan leaves can be used as a natural food coloring. Pandan usually processed in the manufacture of green bean porridge, compote and brown sugar liquid. The trick is only inserted into masakkan being boiled over the fire. In the English-speaking prescription pandan leaves called "screwpine leaf".

Garlic is a natural savory flavoring most widely used. How to make garlic for flavoring substitute natural MSG is with crushed garlic peeled and sautéed with a little oil until wilted, before you enter the other ingredients.

Garlic can also be mashed, then pan-fried in order to more evenly with other ingredients. Another way is to make fried garlic powder

Tempe is a healthy food that has a source of protein and calcium are high, because the tempeh is made from fermented soy beans. Tempe also can be used as a natural flavor enhancer, if you want to make should take tempeh unprocessed or in season, and simply cut into small pieces of the fresh tempeh. Combine tempeh stir with sauteed spinach and other vegetables, then masakkan you will taste more savory. Do not forget to add a little white pepper.

Ebi dry, shrimp or anchovies
The use of dried marine products such as dried shrimp, shrimp or anchovies can provide a more savory flavor naturally. In addition to the protein content of natural, marine products can provide better flavor than MSG. Previous first fried ebi, shrimp or tering, then mix with other seasoning.

Chicken broth
Chicken or beef broth made from bones or meat boiled in water for some time. Turns broth chicken / beef can be used as natural flavoring ingredients for the replacement of MSG and substitute the use of salt. The trick, bones boiled over low heat for 1-3 hours. Broth can be packaged in small plastic-plastic and put in the freezer for use when needed. This broth is very fitting for all food, mothers can also add some vegetables and spices that more delicious broth, for the record, the vegetables should be cut a great big as it will be cooked for a long time.

If you are still worried about using MSG, you could also use some natural flavor enhancer MSG replacement. The easiest ingredients to create savory taste of MSG style is to mix salt and sugar in cooking.

Other herbs that can replace MSG include garlic, pepper, turmeric, or cumin. In addition, you also can use other materials such as old cheese, meat, seaweed, mushrooms, tomatoes, red wine, asparagus, ikan bilis (anchovies), nuts, and so forth.

To produce substitute natural savory taste of MSG, you can also use certain cooking techniques. For example grilling, boiling, or mengungkep, which helps release natural glutamate in foods that produces savory flavor. Burn the meat or fish will also enhance the flavor.

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