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Sunday, November 15, 2015

7 As a result of a hobby if you rub the skin too hard, avoid yes!

Everyone wants to facial and body skin clean and radiant. One way is scrubbing.

Scrubbing or rubbing the skin, face and body, in order to peel off dead skin cells, is good. But if too much what happens?

Reported of Boldsky, Wednesday (7/10), following some of the consequences that arise if you are too excessive scrubbing:

1. Dry skin Excessive
Too loud and often rub the face would make the natural oils in the skin is reduced much so that the facial skin becomes very dry.

2. Irritation
Face scrub too hard, might make skin irritation. Eventually the skin becomes sore and redness.

3. Redness
If you are too rough scrubbing the skin's protective layer will disappear. Signs redness and pain certainly made an impression on the skin.

4. Sensitive
The skin is rubbed exceed the limits will experience sensitivity. Your skin is so susceptible to everything really dangerous, even in the most minimal level.

5. Skin rigid
If rigid and dull skin, a sign of shortage of natural oils. Shortage of natural oils could be because it is too hard men-scrubbing.

6. Exfoliation
Dry skin is a natural oil shortages lead to exfoliation, a sign that you are too harsh and often rub your skin, both the face and other body parts.

7. Emerging burning sensation
In addition to dry skin, irritation, and skin peeling, due to too strong rubbing the skin will cause a burning sensation, you know.

If you have severe impact scrubbing, better get to a dermatologist yes. Always love your skin! You know your health!


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