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Friday, November 27, 2015

Stress distinguishes the Mentally Ill

In fact, stress is stress that makes people have to adapt to deal with in order to survive.

Stress is often synonymous with mental disorder, whereas stresbukanlah mental disorders. In fact the stress can be experienced by anyone danmerupakan part of human life. Why do we need to know the stress? Because stress can develop into a mental disorder if not ditanganidengan good

Stress is a condition of your dynamic when an individual is faced with the opportunities, demands, or resources associated with what is desirable by individuals and the results are deemed uncertain and important. Stress is a spiritual burden that exceeds the maximum capability of the spiritual itself, so misdemeanor controlled healthy.

When viewing the strange behavior, the person is usually referred to as "stress". In fact, it may be unusual behavior is actually referring to the mental disorder. Indeed, many people are misguided about the interference on this one.

Psychiatric specialists from the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry Faculty of medicine / RSCM, Tjhin Wiguna said, stress is simply an expression of lay people who refer to mental disorders. In fact, stress is stress that makes people have to adapt to deal with in order to survive.

"If you can adapt it means someone can manage stress well. However, if the difficulties it will trigger a mental disorder, which is kind assortment," he said when contacted by Compass Health, on Thursday (7/8).

Mental disorders can arise from mild to severe scale. Mild mental disorders such as depression that are not too heavy which is characterized by symptoms such as depressed, not excited, or panic. While the more severe mental disorders such as depression are characterized by a decreased ability to think, cognitive, psychomotor, and overly anxious about the future.

"The toughest is a psychotic who were not able to distinguish between imagination and reality," said Tjhin.

All were initially triggered by stress which can not be faced with a good adaptation. Therefore, stress is a condition, not a disorder that may be much meant people over the years.


Tjhin stressed, irrespective of the severity of mental disorder, when treated properly it will recover and mental patients can return to normal. Treatment consists of two types, namely with medication and psychotherapy.

"Mental disorders associated with an imbalance of chemicals in the brain or also called neurotransmitters. To restore it, the necessary medicines. As for recovering psychiatric patients, psychotherapy takes the form of counseling," he said.

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