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Sunday, November 29, 2015

10 Ways to Raise Healthy Children

As with any lesson, to have healthy habits even children need to practice and continue to exercise. Here are some ways that parents can do for your child to grow up healthy, active and have a good diet as submitted Alexis Tindall, a nutritionist.

1. Do not send children spend on food
Let kids stop eating when the stomach is full, not when the food on his plate was empty. This means they were asked to eat when you're not hungry.

A study showed that children who were ordered to spend any food on his plate, tend to eat food in larger portions if not at home. Children who spend only 60 percent of the contents of the plate is also quite still normal.

2. Create the sport so enjoyable
As adults, we identified the sports gym. But for the children, they need only active for about an hour every day.

Accompany them around riding bikes or playing ball in the yard. The delightful experience will be remembered children so that they not only active but also happy.

3. Do not allow children to eat while watching TV
Children who eat meals in front of the TV will not focus on food so they tend to eat unconsciously. Milling food advertising on television also makes children so tempted to unhealthy foods.

4. Limit the use of gadgets
According to Alanna Levine, a pediatrician, too often in front of the TV or computer can make a child's creativity declined. Limit the use of gadgets or watching tv no more than 2 hours every day. But as a parent you also need to set an example.

5. Serve different foods
Begin early to introduce children to the various types of food. Usually the food choices children have not changed much since they were aged 2-3 years to 8 years.

If you are trying to introduce new foods, such as fish, may first child will be refused. Be patient. Do not immediately punish the child if he does not finish it because he would consider the fish as food punishment. If he had not liked it, try to introduce again several times.

6. Give healthy snacks
Research shows that there is an increase in the number of calories consumed by children since the 70s until the 2000s. The biggest contributor is a sweet dessert.
Children do need a snack, but make it a habit he intake of healthy foods, such as fruits or grains, not just sugar and flour.

7. Do not give candy as a reward for good behavior
Sweet foods not only provide more calories, but the habit of giving this kind of dishes will change the views of the child. For him, sweets are a reward for every good thing that he did.

8. Avoid the rule "no junk food".
In theory, everything in moderation is good. Therefore do not be too hard in terms of food that may be diasup children. Teach children what healthy and unhealthy foods, as well as how many servings should he eat.

9. Be an example
The most important thing is that parents can be role models for their children. This applies to everything, not just about food, but also other habits, such as physical activity, and sleep patterns.

10. Eating together
There is strength in numbers. The eating habits of the whole family together is an opportunity to give an example of how much fun trying different types of food. If the child is old enough, encourage him to cook together so that her interest in healthy food increased.



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