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Monday, November 23, 2015


The best food for newborns is breast milk (breast milk). As you know, that breastfeeding has many benefits for infant growth. Unfortunately, many mothers do not know that breast milk in early lactation or after childbirth is not white, but yellowish or so-called colostrum.

Colostrum is the first milk that is rich in protein and low in fat. The content is what makes colostrum has many benefits for babies. Anything?

1. Protect your baby's gut
Colostrum can protect the baby's gut when will digest food. Colostrum block germs, so as not to be able to get into the bloodstream and will protect the baby until his immune system is functioning properly. That's because, colostrum contains antibodies known as secretory immunoglobulin A (Sig A).

2. Clean the metabolic waste
Colostrum is beneficial to clean the rest of the baby's metabolism while he was in the womb. Because, colostrum contains a lot of nutrients and protein is good for the baby.

3. Protect the baby from illness
Colostrum contains white blood cells in high enough quantities. White blood cells serve to protect the baby's body from microorganisms that can make babies exposed to the disease.

4. Safe for digestion
Newborns, the digestive system is not functioning properly or perfectly. First milk consumed by infants can be considered "friendly" to digestion, because it is rich in vitamin A and protein. However, on the other hand colostrum at first milk low in fat, carbohydrates and potassium content.

5. Colostrum can be transformed into a more mature milk during the first two weeks after the baby is born.

6. In this transition period the levels of antibodies in the milk is reduced, but the volume of milk will increase. During the breastfed baby, he will receive protection because of disease-fighting ingredients are not lost with colostrum.

7. Help remove meconium from the baby's gut because colostrum is a laxative (bowel cleanser baby) which clears meconium so that the intestinal mucosa newborns immediately clean and ready to receive human milk.

8. Protecting babies from diarrhea because colostrum contains antibodies tubuh10-17 times more than mature milk.

9. Against foreign substances that enter the baby's body

10. Against infections by the immune substances

11. Removing excess bilirubin so the baby does not have jaundic (yellow) which have the effect of colostrum laktasif (laxatives).

12. Contribute to the intestinal peristalsis (movement pushing food)

13. Keeping the cell fluid balance

14. Preventing the development of pathogenic germs

Mothers need to know that colostrum only comes out in a few days after giving birth mother. So, the mother should be able to make good use of.

Source: from Various Sources

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