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Monday, November 2, 2015

7 Wonders Ice Cube Facial Skin That Will Make More Beautiful Shining

Not unexpectedly, the ice turned out to be very useful to know Ladies beautify facial skin. If you are lazy to go to a salon and want to do simple facial treatment is good to try various types of facial ice this.

Reporting from, ice cubes can sunburn, eye bags thick, stubborn acne, and many more. Want to know the seven wonders of the ice cubes that you can try it yourself? Check here yuk!
  • Ice Cube Cucumber, Honey and Lemon
To get a clear skin, you can make your own facial ice is Ladies. Quite easy. You live mixing water, crushed cucumber, honey, and lemon juice. Enter the ice mold and let stand in a freezer.

To use, remove the ice cube molds. Please allow about 30 seconds to slightly melt and softer. After that rub it gently across the surface of the skin of the face and neck. First let stand 5-10 minutes and rinse with clean water.
  • Ice Cube Green Tea
Ice cold stone will refresh the skin. Green tea contains antioxidants that will also make the skin more fresh and eliminate eye bags that make the face look pale and glazed.

It is very easy Ladies, brewed green tea. Allow to cool and then enter it in ice-cube trays. Freeze in the freezer. You can use green tea ice cubes to cope with heavy bags under the eyes from lack of sleep or fatigue. The content of caffeine and ice will be very effective to relieve swelling and excess fluid around the eyes.
  • Water and Ice Cube
Facial this one is very simple Ladies. You will immediately get a fresh face after facial this one.
Simply mix water with ice cubes. Let the ice melt a bit, and then use this water to wash your face. This cold sensations can improve circulation and tighten the skin. Do this regularly in the morning to a satisfactory result.
  • Ice Cube and Plastic Bags
This one will be very fitting to shrink acne Ladies interfere with your performance. Acne bumps on the face will obviously be very disturbing appearance. For that you can try a very simple way below.

Enter the ice cubes in a plastic bag and apply on the inflamed acne. Let stand for about 5 minutes. This will reduce pain and also your acne bumps Ladies. In addition it will no longer skin redness caused by acne.
  • Ice Cube
You often plucking eyebrows? Often in trouble with the skin become red and sore after plucking? Well, calm Ladies, no super easy solution.

You stay just rub an ice cube on the skin eyebrows before and after plucking eyebrows. This will reduce the pain when plucking eyebrows. Additionally redness will not happen.
  • Ice Cube and Aloe
Skin sunburn due panasan sunbathe outdoors? Well, this is the perfect solution for you Ladies. Two fusion will make cold skin immediately.

Combine only aloe vera gel with water. Enter the ice mold and let freeze. Apply this on the face of ice cubes overheated and feel the benefits are tremendous.
  • Ice Cube and Lavender
You want to do a facial at home regularly and easily? Your one recipe that you must try Ladies. A blend of these two ingredients will make you feel relaxed and calm.

The way is simple, wrap some ice cubes in a towel and little drops of lavender oil. Apply on the face and then massage slowly. This will facilitate the circulation of blood to the face and disguise fine lines on the face. Dare to try?


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