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Monday, November 30, 2015

As a result of Look down the neck Often Staring Gadgets

Less than a decade, we've become addicted to human technology. Unfortunately, our bodies slow compensate. The more we use the gadget, the more stress experienced by the body.

This is because we are getting lazy to move and spend a lot of time in front of the screen. As a result was to be expected, so the health of the victim.

The average person is typing in the key 50-70 gadget minute, 7 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, and 4 weeks per month. This means that on average we typed 600,000 monthly buttons in the posture that produces headache, stiff neck, back pain, and shoulder tight. Not including the joints in the hands, fingers, feet, and elbows.

Bad posture will cause stress and stress also contribute to poor posture. Human head weighs about 5.4 kilograms in equilibrium at the top of the spine.

When our neck to bend forward and down while engrossed with gadgets, the weight of the head rises so that the burden of neck and spine greater. On the addition of 15-degree angle, neck bones must withstand a load of about 12.2 kg. At an angle of 30 degrees load up again many times and so on.

Trapezius muscles in the neck and then trying to compensate for the burden tersbeut so the effect on the back muscles. Excessive work the back muscles will make your abdominal muscles become so weak that affect our breath. Experts say, this dominio effect will reduce lung capacity by up to 30 percent and is spread throughout the body.

"It is a burden that results from staring gadgets as do millions of people in duna every hour of every day. Just look around you, now everyone's head down," said Kenneth K Hansraj, head of the surgical neck of the New York Spine Surgery and Rehabilitation Clinic.

Type of posture is often referred to as "text neck" (position looking down at the screen) can cause degeneration of the joints, and even surgery. All of that added stress on the body.

High-burden is not only the neck and spine, our fingers are also used excessive so that over time will become inflamed.

The human body is actually designed to stand strong and upright, without load. Poor posture causes back pain and digestive problems.

The hips and legs are not sufficiently related to gravity to produce synovial fluid to lubricate our joints. Spleen slowed. Oxygen deficient blood can not be pumped either to the lungs.

Unconscious influence others is a sleep disorder that impaired memory and ability of our vital energy is reduced.

Bad posture is also associated with migraine disorders, neurological problems, digestive disorders, depression, and heart disease.

Therefore, improve your posture. Set the workbench so that the screen is parallel to the eye. Take a pause to take a deep breath and stop your busy life in the gadget every hour to walk a bit and relaxes the muscles.



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