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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Skin Clean, Healthy and Beautiful with Milk Treatment

Who does not know the milk. This healthy drink not only serves to maintain and protect the health of the body, but also serves to care for skin health and beauty. In fact, an expert on the natural beauty of Los Angeles, Paige Padgett, making milk as one of the favorite ingredients for skin care. What are the benefits of milk for skin care? Check the following review yuk, Ladies.

1. Cleanser
Your skin is sensitive to the use of facial foam? Relax, you can use milk as a facial cleanser. Padget advised to use milk as a facial cleanser because it can reduce the production of excess oil and clean up the rest of the makeup stick in the face.

2. Natural exfoliator
Milk containing lactic acid formed from alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and has the benefit that is equivalent to skin exfoliation products. The content of the AHA in the milk is beneficial to reduce wrinkles and increase collagen production in the body which can make the skin become supple and soft without causing irritating effects. Very easy to use, drops of milk on cotton and then wipe it evenly in the neck and face. If you want to add to the mask after exfoliation treatments, use Expert Exfoliator Mask & Scrub from Noveexpert.

3. Skin Softening
If you want to get healthy skin naturally and gently, take a bath with milk. Because, they say, Cleopatra was famous for her beauty, utilizing milk to bathe you know! Besides can be used for bathing, you can also make milk to soak the hands and feet.

4. Face Masks
Not only pure milk are good for skin beauty. The products made from milk such as yogurt can also be used. Use yogurt as a face mask to get clear skin, soft, and smooth. Wear a mask of yogurt for 10 minutes in the neck and face and then rinse using clean water.

5. Dark Spot Treatment
The content of lactic acid contained in milk can eliminate dark spots or dark spots on the face. Not only that, the milk is also good for acne treatment are stubborn. The content in the milk could hydrate the skin and keep it soft. You can make a paste of milk and rice flour, then apply to the face before going to bed.

6. Relieves irritation.
The skin is too sensitive would be more susceptible to irritation. And that's when you can take advantage of the milk to overcome your skin began to itch. It's easy, you simply apply the milk on the skin is being irritated.

7. Preventing premature aging. 
Well, here's one of the benefits of milk that is most admired by many women around the world. If fine lines and facial wrinkles already attacked you, then you can use milk mask to cope. You simply mix milk with meat that has been mashed bananas and use as a mask. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Well, that's the benefit of milk to care for the health and beauty of our skin. You can use milk for natural care of your skin because it is safe and without side effects. However, make sure in advance if you do not have an allergy to lactic acid. Interested to try?

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