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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Should We Drink 8 Glasses a Day?

For many years we were advised to drink 8 glasses a day. It turns out we do not always have to drink that much.

How much water we drink needs to be adjusted. Robert A. Huggins, Ph.D., of the University of Connecticut explained, "The need for our fluid dynamic and varies from person to person. Factors such as gender, environmental conditions, levels of environmental acclimatization, the current intensity of exercise, age, and diet should be considered to determine fluid needs. "
That is, we have to pay attention to yourself, when you feel thirsty. Another way of assessing fluid needs is to look at the color of urine in the toilet before flushing. When dark, it means we have to drink.

To measure the current fluid needs olahraaga, Huggins suggest a little experiment. "If you can drink enough before exercise and do not drink during exercise to calculate the fluid lost during exercise. But if thirsty during exercise, jangaan delayed, immediately drink," he said. Also note the amount of fluid intake during exercise it.

After the exercise, weigh back. Reduce weight initial weight after exercise. The result is a reduction in the amount of fluid lost. Convert the number of kilograms to liters. Drink as many liters of water are lost. Reduce the water you drink it with the amount of water you drink during exercise.
The way it is complicated. Huggins estimates that most of us lose between one and two liters of sweat every hour moderate intensity exercise. But the most important in determining fluid needs is thirst. If ignored, thirst cause dangerous dehydration.

However, excess fluid is equally danger. A new consensus report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found a lot of athletes at risk of contact with hyponatremia due to exercise. It is a condition of an electrolyte imbalance that can be caused by drinking too much. This condition causes nausea and vomiting, headache, fatigue. In serious cases also lead to coma and even death.
Previous concern for most athletes who drink a lot given to marathon and triathlon athletes. Research sponsored by Crossfit, Inc. found many athletes drink excessive to race 10 km and a Bikram yoga class participants were yoga in a hot room. So says Tamara Hew-Butler, Ph.D., the leader of the study.
"There may recommend dose drinks generalized especially during exercise when the condition is dynamic and changing. No amount of drinks appropriate dosage for everyone," he said.
So the best method to determine the need to drink during exercise that does not cause dehydration or overhydration is to listen to your body. Immediately drink when thirsty.


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