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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Common Miskate When Do in Sports

Sport not only needs to be done consistently, but also must be understood and practiced correctly so that the results are faster and leverage.

Sports have their own rules. If the rules and practice well, our goals will be more easily achieved. Whether it merely maintain ideal weight or want to lose weight. Conversely, rules and practices that one would lead us away from the goal, the results to be achieved no progress, can even cause injury.

Therefore, let's find out what the errors are common in sports. Once found the solution from the experts:

1. Always Choosing a Low Intensity Exercise
The reason: a low intensity workout origin of long duration, can burn more calories.
This is not true. High intensity exercise requires more energy. In fact, the amount of energy that comes out not only occur during exercise, but also after the training session is finished. High intensity exercise cause 'damage' greater muscle mass than the light intensity. As a result, the body must work harder repair the 'damage' is. The energy expended for repairs can last up to 48 hours after the exercise is completed.

Women aged over 35 years and started a new exercise routine, you should not immediately undergo high-intensity exercise and avoid too many collisions. Begin slowly first, then slowly increased in intensity. Do not forget to diligently doing stretches and exercises the muscles of the body in order to avoid the risk of injury.

2. Fear of Practice Expense
The reason: Practicing load can make a big muscles like weight lifters.
This fear is less reasoned. Because, to have big muscles needed more than just lifting weights. Large muscle is also determined by diet and hormones, obviously Jessica Cummings, a certified fitness trainer of BodyScapes Fitness, United States.

According to him, weight training can actually make your body leaner so dense because the fat will decrease and the muscles grow. Body like an athlete can only happen if we have a diet, live and train just as hard as weight lifters.

3. Forgetting Heating
The reason: Want to directly to the main exercises and assume injuries can be prevented by cooling (cooling down).
Recent research conducted by the University of Sydney revealed, even more can prevent injury is warming. While cooling, it serves to normalize blood flow and heartbeat which was strong because of the exercise. In addition, cooling is also useful to prevent headaches or dizzy feeling that sometimes occurs as a result of exercise exceeds the portion should be.

4. Anti Drinking Coffee Before Exercise
The reason: Because coffee can cause dehydration.
Good news for coffee lovers: Australian Institute of Sport Research proves, black coffee can help us exercise performance to be 3 times better origin is not excessive. Enough cup before exercise. Because, drinking too much coffee can cause frequent urination.

For those who want to burn a lot of calories, drink coffee without sugar. If you want to add energy, use brown sugar or may be added to eat bananas. For those who have problems with the stomach, you should not drink coffee. Tailored to the goal, if you want to burn more fat do not use sugar altogether. If you want to exercise with high energy, use brown sugar plus eating a banana. Meanwhile, for those who have problems with the stomach, you should not drink coffee at all.

5. Practicing With Empty Stomach
The reason: It can help you lose weight quickly.
Research on this is still being debated among experts. Some say the sport with an empty stomach can burn more fat. Others say no. However, according to Jessica Smith, eating adequate amounts of one or two hours before exercise can prevent us from excessive appetite after exercise.

In addition, food is a source of energy, so we will not kehabisa force while practicing. Smith is a certified fitness trainer and star of American fitness DVD 10 Min. Solution: Belly, Butt & Thigh Blasters.

6. Obsessed with sit-ups
The reason: For a flat stomach faster and free of fat.
In fact, to get the belly fat-free, it is not enough to just do sit-ups only. "We also have to adjust the calories in with calories out. Sit-ups did train the abdominal muscles, but we need more than that. We need to combine it with other effective types of exercise burn calories. For example, jogging or cardio, "explains Laura Dosdall, Fitness Manager BodyScapes Fitness in America.

7. Setting Targets Excessive
The reason: high Target will make us more enthusiasm to practice.
Maybe so for a while. But, in the long term, the target may create excessive stress. Finally, we gave up and lazy exercise so as to feel the desired goal never reached. Therefore, Mary Jayne Johnson, Ph.D., spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise suggests that we set a target of training according to their ability.

"Do not be tempted to get instant results or want to have a body like a particular artist. They have been training for years. Unrealistic if in 6 months time we want to emulate them. Moreover, the body structure of each person is different, "he said.

8. Body Also Need Rest
When the desire of the ideal body shape has been the passionate, the desire to move on a daily basis. Seven days a week, 2-3 hours a day. In fact, as with the others, excessive exercise should never be performed.

"The muscles are already tired of working, need time to recover. If you continue to be forced to be causing injury. When injured, we become absent exercise. Instead of quickly achieved the target, we instead be lying, "said Johnson. So, take 1-2 days a week for the rest of the body. Therefore, the body also needs rest.

9. Focus - When in the gym, keep all the things that can distract. Turn off your smartphone or set airplane mode if you want to listen to music. This is done to avoid the temptation for a lot of rest because of excessive internet chat or play at practice.

10. Not Noting Calories Log - Many people assume that eating whatever you want it be the origin of exercising. That myth is wrong. If you want to lose weight, pay attention to the amount of calorie intake. Make sure that the number of calories in balance with the energy expended during exercise.

11. Techniques One - Know the correct technique in any sport you choose. Doing the right techniques can not only reduce the risk of injury, but also maximizes the impact of exercise you're doing.

12. Less Variation - Variation in training is very important if you want to get the ideal body. Therefore, familiarize yourself to continue to increase the intensity of exercise or begin to add new types of exercise into your workout routine.


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