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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Late Menstruation often? 5 The cause is often not Realize

Menstruation is often called coming months is a regular occurrence experienced by women due to physiological changes in the female body that often occur periodically and is influenced by both the reproductive hormones FSH and LH Estrogen-Prostegeron. This period is very important in terms of reproduction.

Menstruation occurs in women usually begins around the age of adolescence or 9-12 years and will continue until menopause arrives. Menstruation does things that happen every month in women, but often makes women lose menstrual mood, irritability, senstif, headache, and a feeling of not wearing the other.

Toothache, pain of a broken heart, headaches due to work, dizzy because of the thesis was finished, it will not be able to be coupled with the pain that you suffer every time coming months. Not to mention the dates do not necessarily know when menstruation is. Some women do have a tendency regular menstrual cycles. However, some women experienced menstrual cycles back and forth. Conscious or not, there are certain things that affect the menstrual cycle you know, Ladies. Well, for months ahead of schedule periods come on time, avoid a few troublemakers, as reported following yes, Ladies.

1. Stress
Stress, however small may affect the menstrual cycle, you know. When stressed, the body releases cortisol, which if it happens, will affect the menstrual cycle. Impact, menstruation may be irregular or not you actually even menstruation. Oh no!

2. Irregular sleep
Either lack of sleep or erratic sleep hours, both are capable of affecting the menstrual cycle, making periods become irregular. In fact, lack of sleep can make you much longer periods than usual.

3. Excess coffee consumption
PMS often causes some emotional disorders, ranging from anxiety can cause you to have difficulty sleeping. To calm down and to help make you more fresh, coffee is often the right choice. In fact, too much coffee can also disrupt the menstrual cycle you know!

4. Too Much Traveled
Traveling often makes the sleep cycle is interrupted, and make you tired. Because when a lot of traveling, the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone becomes abnormal. Back to point 2, lack of sleep = menstruation inhibited.

5. Sports Too Much
Sports that too much can cause stress on the physical. As a result, the production of a hormonal imbalance will also affect the menstrual cycle.
It is the simple things that totally unthinkable and unconscious during this time. Once we know, we should avoid it, do not you? For smooth menstruation and life more beautiful!


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