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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Laser and Skin Care With Risks

Ladies, you may already have heard of skin treatment that uses a laser. Indeed, in the era of advanced technology is now anything can happen. The face that was once not too attractive can be transformed in such a way to be so charming.

Treatment using a laser is one way in which the majority of women in the world who want to look beautiful in a short time although the costs are not small.

However, this type of treatment has several side effects that may experience after you undergo skin care. Side effects that occur can be felt within a period of fast or slow. Not all women can try this type of skin care.

The positive effects of laser facial
  • Tighten and rejuvenate facial skin users
  • Can mengahpus any stain including stains moles and birthmarks are deemed able to ruin the appearance ynag
  • Mengilangkan able felk face and acne scars on the face
  • Eliminate fine wrinkles around the face
  • Able to even out skin tone due to pigmentation
  • Is able to stimulate collagen quickly without damaging the skin tissue
Negative effects arising
  • The skin will appear reddish or darkening
  • Do not be under the direct sun
  • Forbidden to be in place ynag hot berkonsisi
  • The skin becomes very sensitive during treatment
Laser face much in demand because it can be quickly overcome smeua problems that exist on the face. And the results are evident. It just does not smeua people can do these treatments. only the rich are able to do so. Laser indeed one facial treatments are expensive. Even so it does not mean facial laser has no side effects. Side effects of laser facial remains. As described above were

Women who have darker skin are advised not to undergo laser skin treatments because one of the side effects are changes in skin pigment, according to information reported by Chances are you will experience changes in skin color as you wish.

In addition to pigment changes in the skin, using laser treatments can cause skin irritation symptoms experienced facial flushing, swelling and itching. Although these irritants will recover slowly, but the exact time is not known when the irritation can be cured.

Another side effect is skin will be more sensitive to the sun. You have to get ready before leaving the house. Make sure you wear sunscreen before you leave the house.

Well, Ladies! That he is a brief review of the treatment of skin with laser technology. Hopefully the above information can be made use of.

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