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Friday, September 18, 2015

13 Tips for Fighting Opium Cigarettes

4000 toxic substances contained in a cigarette, nicotine is the substance most makes smokers addicted. In the brain, nicotine stimulates the release of dopamine that causes the sensation of feeling happy and comfortable.

Cigarette addiction levels even more severe than morphine, heroin, alcohol, marijuana, and caffeine. Currently already available specialized clinics for those who want to remove his addiction to cigarettes. Some use the help of a laser beam, nicotine replacement therapy, medication, or hypnotic. Nevertheless, all these efforts should also be driven by a strong motivation.

Here are 13 tips to help you say goodbye to cigarettes.

1. Find a reason to quit smoking
You must have a steady motivation to quit. Not just "because smoking is not good". This motivation will eventually make you steadfast when tempted to return. For example, the reason is because you love your family, or fear of lung cancer.

2. Do not immediately stop
It was indeed easy to discard lit cigarettes that you have announced you quit smoking. However, 95% of people who stop completely without
end of therapy failed. It is not because nicotine that causes addiction. Please consult with your doctor for regular therapy.

3. Try nicotine replacement therapy
When quitting smoking, nicotine withdrawal symptoms will lead to depression, frustration, dizziness, and not quiet. A sense of "collecting" can be tricked with nicotine replacement therapy. For example, nicotine gum or candy throat as a substitute. Research suggests the consumption of sweets can increase therapeutic efficacy for up to two-fold. However, the consumption of these products is not recommended while still smoking.

4. Ask a doctor's prescription
There are prescription drugs that can reduce the effect of "collecting" for not smoking. The drug also reduces the pleasure of smoking.

5. Find a Friend
Expand Spread the word about your intention to stop smoking to family, friends, or colleagues, and ask for their support.

6. Control stress
One reason people smoke is to eliminate stress. When quitting smoking, should find other activities that have the same effect in banish stress.
Relaxation massage, listening to relaxing music, or yoga can be an alternative.
If possible, do not work too hard in the first week you stop smoking.

7. Avoid things that make you want to smoke
Some types of activity can increase the desire to smoke, such as alcohol consumption. If you are accustomed to smoking after drinking coffee, replace your drinks with tea or water. Likewise after a meal, replace the habit by chewing gum or brushing teeth.

8. Clean the house
Immediately dispose of your ashtrays and lighters. Wash clothing, sheets, or carpet in a house that smelled of cigarettes. You can also use the air freshener to combat cigarette smell is still stubborn.

9. Try again and again
Very human if you fail to quit smoking. Try to understand why you fail, pay attention to emotional or environment is less supportive. After that, make the decision to try again and set the date when it will start up again.

10. Many moves
Physical activity can reduce nicotine opium. Jogging, walking, gardening, or cycling can be a good option to fight the opium. The bonus is a fitter body and burn many calories.

11. Consumption of fruit and vegetables
Do not go on a diet when you are trying to quit smoking because of the risk to fail in both of these are very large. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, and low fat dairy products. A survey at Duke University says consumption of these foods make cigarettes taste bad.

12. Give appreciation
Imagine how much you would save if you quit smoking.
Set aside the money to reward yourself. Vacation could be the right choice.

13. Perform all for your health
In addition to the money saved, you will have a healthy body. Quitting smoking will lower your blood pressure and your pulse rate after 20 menit.Dalam day alone, levels of poisonous carbon monoxide in your body will return to normal.
Two weeks to three months later, your heart attack risk would be decreased. The lungs will function better.



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