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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This is the 5 Habits It Cause Skin Disorders

Beauty - Every woman wants beautiful skin. However, a habit that often do in everyday life is able to bring a variety of skin disorders, ranging from the appearance of hyperpigmentation or dark stains to skin discoloration. What are the actual habits and good is avoided?

1. Do not apply sunscreen
"When skin is exposed to ultraviolet light continuously, it will cause brown spots and hyperpigmentation due to excessive melanin production. Because the brown spots caused by the sun, then it is as if tell you that skin exposure to excessive sunlight. Therefore, wear protective or re-apply SPF, "said Dr. Denis Gross, a dermatologist.

2. Using skin care products that are too aggressive
If your skin becomes red after using skin care products, then this will lead to changes in skin color regardless of the type or color of your skin. This condition is called Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) and will occur when the formulation was too strong or you apply it more often than recommended.

3. Treatment wounds resolved
Blemishes acne scars often cause scars in the form of brown spots. Be aware that one of the ways the body in response to injury is to produce melanin in excess. "The body responds to injury with inflammation inhibiting melanin production and lead to the emergence of brown spots. Blemishes acne scars is one example PIH, "said Dr. Gross.

4. Smoking
Habit of smoking can damage the skin. All sorts of toxic chemical ingredients contained in cigarettes will deplete antioxidants in the body and the body will produce more free radicals that damage skin cells. Finally, the formation of dark spots will increase as more and more often you smoke cigarettes.

5. Stress
Stress will disrupt your body, the skin is no exception. When you're stressed, your body will produce hormones that drive response in the form of acne and rashes on the skin. In addition, the body and the skin will become vulnerable to disruption due to the increasing number of free radicals. Therefore, try to have activities that can soothe yourself at the same time can eliminate stress.


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