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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Benefits Good Swim for Health Body

Swimming is one sport that can improve one's health are also Brazilians without gravity sports (non weight barring). Swim fairly minimal risk of physical injury because while swimming across the body / bodies detained by water or floats, besides swimming is a sport that is most recommended for those who are overweight (obese), pregnant women and patients with bone pesendian disorders (arthritis).

In the swimming body will burn at least 275 calories / hour is equivalent to cycling and brisk walking, though not as much as the calories burned by running or tennis, for example because it was fun swimming can be will be longer so that the calories burned can be banyak.Berenang is also the best exercises to burn fat, slimming and body mengecangkan.

Swimming is a sport that is safe because it does not burden the joints, many who do not know that swimming is an exhilarating experience and the most tepenting many health benefits, the benefits of swimming are also associated with a sense of fun, relaxation, and rekreasi.Bagi pregnant women are strongly encouraged to do this sport because it can strengthen the muscles that lower abdominal muscles and muscles.

Benefits of Swimming

The benefits of swimming for the body:
  • Preventing Obesity. Swimming is a very useful exercise to reduce weight and prevent obesity, this activity will burn more calories burned in our bodies.
  • Establishing and Strengthening Muscles. Greater density of water 12 times darapada air, making every movement of the body of water as it passes through the barriers is what makes the pool has the same intensity as aerobics .seseorang completed the 8-week swimming program in the triceps muscle mass increased by 23.8% than that swim properly with regular rhythm can increase three things: cardio endurance, muscular strength and resilience.
  • Improve Heart Health. The efficiency of the heart to pump blood throughout the body can boost by swimming regularly, but it also can swim against the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Burn Calories. Only by running for half an hour you can burn calories 200-300 calories, depending on the intensity and style you lakuakan.
  • Preventing Stress and Depression. Similar to yoga, swim occur during stretching and relaxing the muscles accompanied with rhythmic breathing techniques.
  • Minimal risk of injury. While in the water your body feels lighter because the weight distribution which should be supported by the body is reduced by 50%, muscles and joints also receive less pressure is very different when doing activities on land.
  • Reducing the Risk of Diabetes. With just 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week is over, you can burn 900 calories reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes more than 10%.
  • Improve Cholesterol Levels. Pool can improve the balance of the proper ratio of cholesterol in your body, which is a balanced ratio between the levels of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.
  • Improve symptoms / Asthma Attacks. If you are asthmatic, this sport is strongly recommended to increase lung volume with proper breathing techniques.
  • Extend. Swimming can help you avoid dying prematurely due to the fact that swimming has an 50% mortality rate is lower than the runners, walkers, or people who do not pernbah exercise.
  • Increasing flexibility, posture and balance. Not only great for the muscles, but also stretch the muscle fibers and ligaments help to maintain tension in the tendon that supports the movement of the body, people who used to swim normally have a higher posture and have a better Balance.
The benefits of swimming for men
  • Swimming can help build muscle us, especially for men can be seen more sixpack and healthy course
  • So that does not look bloated stomach
  • Train the muscles to become stronger
  • Keeping your body in good shape to continue
  • In order to keep his family if undesirable things happen, for example, the child or his wife drowned
The benefits of swimming for women
  • Swiming very useful when you're on a diet, because when we swam as well as we burn a lot of calories in the body and even calories burned can be up to 24%. In addition to swimming flavor will not be as tired lelahnyapun sport slimming weight.
  • Help shape a beautiful body and a high
  • Can make the skin color becomes darker brownish and sexy
  • Helps tighten the abdominal muscles chest thighs and arms
  • Make lanky body into line with the most women want
The benefits of swimming for infants
  • Old baby is still small at about 4 months, if taught to swim will help development
  • Assist the development of the baby's motor nerves
  • Can train the baby childhood courage
  • Can increase body resistance (immune) baby until he grows up
  • It would be very good to help the growth process also
The benefits of swimming for pregnant women
  • blood circulation in women who are pregnant, so that the mother and baby to be healthy.
  • Help improve the function of the lungs - pulmonary and cardiac us
  • With swimming pregnant women can increase muscle strength - his muscles, especially the muscles of the uterus and pelvis that are beneficial to the process of childbirth
  • Add durability mother so as not to be susceptible to various diseases
  • So that the body does not telalu swelled during pregnancy
  • Can reduce stress and fatigue with daily activities
  • and can make pregnant women sleep better
The benefits of swimming for seniors
  • Restore muscle - the muscle that loosens as before so that looks more toned
  • Keeping your body to stay healthy because we are announcing that the elderly are particularly vulnerable once exposed to the disease
  • Could recreation and having fun with the whole family into the benefits and the most important moment for the people who are elderly
  • Muscles - muscles that have been weakened
  • Eliminate stress and burnout, it is very sensitive elderly once they are easily stressed and sometimes they have a lot of thinking about death could make into a depression and therefore to swim with the family very helpful psychological.
How to Swim Healthy and Good
  1. Do warm up before to swim, it is very important that when the body does not cramps to swim or an injury occurs
  2. Perform was warming with mild movement such as walking rotate rolling joints of hands and feet
  3. Do not swim at the beach after the rain is very heavy. Because it can cause you pain, the cause by bacteria carried by an increasing number of pollutants - pollutants
  4. Never swim if the water strange, having a bad odor etc.
  5. Always listen and pay attention to any warnings given at the beach so you do not get stuck in jeopardy
  6. If you can not drink water when we swam ntah the sea or pool water because many bacteria can sajakan
  7. If you have allergies, burns or infections, especially skin diseases do not try - try to swim yes because it could lead to another person and your disease becomes more severe
  8. Do not pee in the pool water or sea water, not kebayangkan later if water is ingested
By swimming a lot of benefits of swimming as we can to the health of the body, with a swim also the whole body to move large muscles groups will use a case of abdominal muscles, arm muscles, hips, buttocks, and thighs. In addition, the pool will be trained respiratory efficiently so that swimming can make one of the alternatives to maintain your health. physical and mental health was very expensive for us it is very important for maintaining a healthy body from being exposed to a certain disease symptoms which can hamper your survival

Source: From Various Sources


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