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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How Important Glasses In Light Banish

Glasses used someone not only a sweetener appearance. Moreover, the glasses also have health function that should realize the wearer.

The use of glasses is one way of taking care of your eyes and not a tool that serves to cure vision. One function that is often overlooked is the function as protector of the eye from damage that could be caused by ultraviolet rays.

Exposure to ultraviolet light in a certain period in the eyes not only can cause damage to the surface of the eyelid skin. The inside of the eye, such as the cornea, lens, and the other part was potentially damaged. In fact, the ultraviolet rays thought to play a role for the onset of cataracts and decreased function of the macula of the eye (eye spots areas most sensitive to light stimuli).

Damage to the eyelid as a result of exposure to ultraviolet light as other skin damage in the human body. If it happens in the long term and are not anticipated, it allows the growth of skin cancer.

Direct exposure to ultraviolet rays that hit the cornea risk of causing keratitis. This condition is an inflammation of the cornea that gives the sensation of pain and swelling in the eye. Sunbathing is one of the activities that may be the cause keratitis.

Ultraviolet light can reach the retina. This condition is commonly experienced by those who witnessed the direct sun during a solar eclipse

Should Look Glasses Used

Because it has such an important function in protecting the eyes, the goggles are also required to have some reservations, both in shape and lens materials. Good sunglasses should be able to block the entry of ultraviolet light. Therefore, sunglasses should have large circular frame that covers the eye and surrounding area. It is necessary, given the light can come in from the sides of the eyes by ordinary frame can not necessarily protected.

Nice glasses to protect eyes is to have a lens that is able to block at least 70 percent of incoming light. Indeed, some suggest that the lens can filter out most of the ultraviolet A and B at the same time. If when trying sunglasses in front of the mirror, you are still able to see the shadow of your eyes behind sunglasses, eyeglass lenses is probably the ability to block the light is still too low.

Look for lenses that have the color or darkness of the lenses are uneven. To test, hold the glasses with your arms straight forward. Look straight in the distance through your glasses. If the glasses slowly moved horizontally and the object looks to be warped and distorted means the lens does not qualify.

Consider the function Glasses Here Eligible

In addition to having a function to protect the eyes from exposure to ultraviolet light, some additional function held following the glasses shall be considered.

  • Glasses with polarizing lenses

Sunglasses with polarized lens has a function to reduce glare caused by reflected light while illuminating the surface of the water or snow. Glasses of this type are useful for anyone driving in daylight or those who like fishing.

  • Monocle polycarbonate

Polycarbonate material planted in the spectacle lens has the function of protecting the wearer who likes doing extreme activities. This type of glasses with lenses suitable for use by those who need eye protection while exercising or other extreme activities.

  • Blocking sunglasses with blue lenses

Embedding a lens that is able to block the blue color very rewarding seeing distant objects located on snow or objects that fog. Hunters, sailors and those who like skiing exercise this kind usually wears glasses.

  • Monocle photochromic

Photochromic lenses can adjust to the amount of exposure. When exposed to a large amount, this lens will turn dark. Vice versa. At night, when the sun is no more, the lens will be bright. However, this change does not occur suddenly. It takes time to adjust the brightness lens to the amount of exposure.

  • Sunglasses with gradient lenses

There are two types of gradient lenses, single and double. Single gradient lenses with a darker section above are considered capable of reducing light glare so that the wearer is able to see objects clearly. Glasses of this type are not recommended for sports, but it is good if used while driving.

As for dual gradient monocle, both for the activity in the water or winter sports, but not while driving. This type of lens has a darker sections at the top and bottom of the lens, while in the central part of the lens lighter.

That must be remembered is the best spectacles even though they could not protect the wearer from the light is too bright and strong intensity. Therefore, they are familiar with a strong light at work, such as welding, must wear special protection. Special protection is also required for anyone while watching direct sunlight, especially if attention eclipse events.


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