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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Red Rice for Health Benefits

Brown rice is a type of rice which functioned as a healthy diet can help you lose weight. This is because in the brown rice has the content of which has a good role for health include vitamin B and vitamin E, fiber, minerals, and other nutrients. Besides being used as a diet, brown rice also has health benefits and can cure different types of diseases in the body.

Brown rice is also very effective in addressing some complaints such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol and others. Well if we frequently eat white rice as a staple food, then try to start switching eat brown rice. Although brown rice is not as good as white rice but could certainly benefit obtained more dominant in brown rice. So what are the health benefits of brown rice for them? The explanation is as follows!

When did you Need Consumption Red Rice?
  • While diet.
  • Avoid diabetes
  • Have diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Preventing heart disease
  • Lowering Cholesterol
  • Increase HDL.
Why brown rice is effective for some of the above complaints? nah in this article we will review in detail. There are many reasons why you should change their white rice you become brown rice. In addition to maintaining the health, nutritional certainly very important for the body's nutritional needs.

Next, let us consider a wide range of nutrients and nutrition as well as the myth of the brown rice.

Each 1.5 cup / serving of cooked brown rice has less than 110 calories. Presentation content of brown rice is formed percentage 1)
Carbohydrates - 85% (8% comes from protein and 7% fat)
Fiber - 7% (of fiber needed for a 2,000 calorie diet)
Vitamin B - (A small amount of thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, folate and niacin). Benefits of vitamin B tend to work hand in hand to draw energy from food in a meal, besides supporting the processes of the brain and blood cell formation.
Magnesium, phosphorus and calcium - to maintain strong bone health
Potassium - for fluid balance and cardiovascular function

Here's to Your Health Benefits of Red Rice
Lose weight
The first and main benefits of brown rice is a healthy diet or help you lose weight. This is because brown rice has a low content of calories and korbohidrat. Carbohydrate content contained in brown rice contribute to energy supply in the stomach so that it can make the stomach is not easy to feel hungry. If consumed regularly then your weight problem will be resolved quickly handle links.

Preventing Cancer
Selenium and polyphenols contained in brown rice that has the benefit of preventing cancer in the body one of which is cancer of the colon. Besides fiber and high in antioxidants may also help prevent the growth of cancer cells caused by free radicals.

Maintain Bone Health
The benefits of brown rice next is to maintain bone health, this is because the content of vitamin D and calcium in the womb of brown rice. Both the content is indeed excellent in maintaining bone density and health.

Keeping Digestive Health
high fiber content in the brown rice contains this very well in maintaining digestive health. Such as help smooth bowel movement and constipation. Not only that the fiber content is also very good in maintaining and expedite metabolism in the body. That is why from now on be able to eat brown rice to keep long-term health.

Both for People with Diabetes
For those of you who have diabetes, it's best to switch eat brown rice in your diet everyday. Because rice has a low content of calories and high in fiber which is very good for curing diabetes.

Reduce levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and Increases HDL (good cholesterol)
If you are having problems with cholesterol, as well as diabetes, you must consume brown rice compared to white rice consumption remained as a staple food you.

Source of antioxidants
Red rice is a very good source of antioxidants, contain a variety of vitamins and minerals contained in it can help remove free radicals in the body.

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