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Monday, September 14, 2015


Night Cream or commonly known as night cream is one type of cosmetics that use dedicated at night. For women who always pay attention to the appearance, the use of creams that one of course will never be missed.

Night cream is a beauty cream that does not contain SPF, but the night cream contains ingredients that are heavier and more hydrating. This cream contains anti-aging active ingredients with high levels because its use is specifically intended to reduce irritation from exposure to UV rays.

By the time someone decides to use a night cream to help minimize skin sensitivity when exposed to the sun, this may be due to the inadequacy of the ability of a day cream that they use during the day. Use night cream before going to bed is one of the few simple steps to get healthier skin and to prevent the effects of premature aging, such as the onset of fine lines on the face, as well as other signs of premature aging.

Night Cream categorized into two types, which are:

It is a form of night cream which usually contain several active ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acid, salicyclic acid and retinyl acetate that can help the skin to regenerate more quickly, so that later can help to reduce the incidence of black spots, fine lines , and wrinkles that are major signs of premature aging.

But keep in mind are the materials contained in this night cream can cause irritation and can increase skin sensitivity, especially when exposed to UV exposure. So, to prevent UV exposure upon use of anti-aging cream is to use these products at night.

This product is also commonly referred to as ultra-hydrating, where the cream is usually only acts as a continuation of the use of moisturizing day cream. This product using emollients with higher levels. Basically not clear the reason why facial skin requires moisturizing at night. Skin will continue to regenerate, so if someone has felt that the use of day cream alone is enough to keep the skin moist face, then he does not need to require night cream as a cosmetic continued at night. However, if a person feels the skin becomes drier during the night, then he needs to use a night cream as an alternative prevention.

There are some things that we always need to remember in choosing a night cream products, which are:

1. Choose a cream that suits your skin type
The intended use of night cream one of them is to add or retain moisture in the face while asleep. If you have oily skin type, then it means that your skin requires hydration is less than dry skin types.

2. Focus on the goal
A person who decides to use a night cream or other cosmetic products certainly has a purpose. For example, to eliminate acne, dry skin or oily, prevent premature aging, as well as other beauty purposes. For that you need to do is to focus on the intended use, namely by selecting the appropriate night cream products in accordance with the conditions or the type of skin you have.

3. Do it gradually (patiently)
The use of a product will certainly not be able to give the desired effect directly. It also applies to the use of night cream, where their use would not show wonders in just one night only. Need a few days or even a few weeks for the night cream to be able to demonstrate the effect produced. So, the thing you need to do is be patient and keep using it regularly every night.

4. Keep regulate sleep patterns
Although you use the product regularly in night cream every night, but if it is not accompanied by adequate rest, then hasilnyapun also be the same. For that, you should still maintain the quality of sleep a night is about 8 hours per day to maintain the health and appearance of your future.


There are many promises made cosmetic manufacturer, but these two benefits would you feel if you use night cream.

Antiaging - or it could be called a firming, anti-wrinkle, keep skin taut. Night cream products contain many ingredients retinol, glycolic acid, salicyclic acid and retinyl acetate. All materials will help your skin to improve skin turnover process long been a healthy new skin and toned. The composition will also reduce the appearance of spots that arise as a result of aging, fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, the composition may cause irritation, especially when exposed to UV exposure, because that's the best way to wear the cream with the composition is most effective if done at night. The reason is quite reasonable does not it?
Give Humidity Extras - can also be called an ultra-hydrating, nourishing and giving extra refreshing effect. Products often use a night cream emollient material is higher than the day cream, so it will keep the skin moisture more than a day cream. Actually there is no definite reason why you need a lot of moisturizer at night, because at that time your skin is undergoing regeneration. If you already have enough with moisture at night, you might not need a night cream moisturizer that has a lot of content, but if you often feel the skin is so dry, so do not hesitate to use night cream.

Night Cream For Face

From various reviews above, we can get the conclusion that the use of night cream has a wide range of benefits for the skin, which are:
  • Helps provide nutrients to the skin
  • Helps restore the stress that occurs on the skin
  • Restore and maintain skin moisture that is by encouraging the activity of skin cells so that they can restore moisture levels in the skin.
  • Prevent premature aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, as well as the emergence of fine lines on the face.

Side Effects Night Cream

But behind it all, the use of night cream also can cause some side effects for the skin, such as:
  • Use night cream in pregnant women can interfere with fetal development in the womb. This is due to the content of chemicals in the night cream product that can be absorbed by the blood vessels.
  • For those of you who have sensitive skin types use night cream that contains ingredients that may cause allergies or severe irritation to the face. For it should you prefer a night cream products are made from lightweight as polyhydroxy acids.
Tips for using a night cream products
Clean the face first with a facial wash or soap to wash my face. After that, dry with a towel or tissue.
Apply a night cream product thinly and evenly to the entire surface of the face except the eyes, lips, and neck. Wait a moment to make sure the product has been absorbed into the skin so it will not be attached to the cushion.
Clean the back of your face using a facial wash as soon as you wake up the next morning.

What a Difference Day Cream and Night Cream?
The content of the most different of day cream and night cream is the SPF. Day cream is more devoted to the SPF to protect skin from exposure to UV rays during the day, but do not need a night cream SPF. Often, day cream also serves as oil control that makes you remain attached perfect makeup. While on night cream, you will have the impression of more greasy and heavier than when using a day cream. It is certainly not a problem because you are going to sleep soon after wearing night cream.

So .. is it necessary to wear night cream? Back on the needs of your skin. If you feel that a moisturizer and a day cream was enough to keep the moisture in and the level of sensitive skin, you do not need a night cream. But if you want to prevent the signs of aging, the use of night cream could be a consideration for long-term use.

All women would want to look beautiful and charming. Regardless of their age, they vied for skin that looks tight, smooth, and free from signs of aging. In the modern era it has a lot of products that offer a solution for those who want to look beautiful and charming. One is the growing flood of products such as day cream, night cream, anti aging cream, eye cream, and a variety of other beauty products. For that we should be more careful in choosing beauty products on the market. Do not get eaten promises offered in cosmetics, it will cause unwanted effects.


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