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Thursday, September 10, 2015

POWDER USE way that Good and True To score and Durable

Tips on How to USE and using cosmetics TALC the Good and True, is also a part of Makeup, Blush is one thing that can not be separated from the women, because using the powder has become a habit every day. let alone the more of brand powder, for example Wardah, Oriflame, etc. prices were also varied.

The use of powder can help women cover the shortfall in the face, especially if its use right and proper, for example, bleach powder, powder acne, etc.
However, sometimes we often make mistakes in using the powder so the skin looks like chapped. Want to know how to use the powder completely? Let's read the tips below!

How to Wear Right Foundation To score and Durable
1. Make cleaning optimal
Use cleansing milk over the face and neck and then wipe with a damp washcloth. Then wash your face with facial soap. After that, to sum up the pores, use a toner that suits your skin.

2. Use Moisturizer
After the clean skin, use a moisturizer according to your skin type. Let stand for five minutes so that moisture to seep into the pores.

3. Use Sunblock
After using a moisturizer, to ensure total protection against your skin from the dangers of the sun, use a sunblock with SPF 17 is suitable for tropical skin.

4. Use Foundation / Foundation
For perfect results, use a foundation. For those of you who have oily skin type, sprinkle a little talcum powder before use foundation. In order to obtain uniform results, use a sponge in the application of foundation. Do not forget to use foundation in the neck, near the ears and under the chin so that the skin does not appear striped.
For those oily skin, pat the skin by using tissue. In addition, use of foundation with your thin-skinned for oil. Therefore, the use of thick foundation will only accentuate large pores.

5. Wear Powder
After foundation stick in the face a few minutes, start to apply the powder to your face. Apply the powder by means of tapped slowly then brushed her sponge so that the powder evenly.
For optimal results in the cover / disguise the deficiencies in facial skin, also use solid powder (compact powder). Apply compact powder puff evenly using the dry / wet by means of pressing on the skin of the face and neck.
That was a step that you can try to use the powder daily. Not hard right? By applying the above steps, you can get the look fresh everyday. Good luck!

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