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Monday, September 21, 2015

Stress Causes Pregnancy And How to Overcome

Physical changes and mental psychology of pregnant women can often lead to a stressor itself for pregnant women. For that menganali be signs of stress on pregnancy symptoms experienced by pregnant women need to be known and well understood correctly so too will be found a variety of ways to cope with and the things that can cause stress itself.

What is meant by understanding the definition of stress is as a condition of tension which could affect the state rather than emotions, thought processes and conditions of a person who is experiencing it.

Stress is too large to threaten a person's ability to cope with their own environment and this also applies when the state of stress in pregnant women that could have happened.

Similarly, the harmful effects of stress on the fetus of pregnant women should be wary if not addressed properly armed with the advice of the medical and health as well.

Causes of Stress In Pregnancy

There are several things that can cause a pregnant woman experiencing excessive mental stress. Because it is the level of stressors in a person includes in itself a pregnant woman in her pregnancy was able to stage a mild, moderate, and high.

The need to worry about is when it is in the stages of high stress in pregnant women and not be overcome with good road anyway.

Mild stress when it is not getting any source of the problem-solving solutions can result in less good for the development and growth of the fetus in the mother's womb.

But if stress and can be a good solution found a solution to it will not affect the health of the mother alone or jani the baby in the womb.

Type kinds of stressors cause pregnant women can include:
  • The changes that happened to the pregnant women due to hormonal changes that affect the physical changes in the mother's own self. For example, signs symptoms of nausea, vomiting excessively on self pregnant women for example. Or can such example is changes in body shape with the growing body, the appearance of acne on the face or facial skin peeling
  • Excessive anxiety when it will face the baby delivery process. When mothers lack the correct knowledge about how a normal birth process is certainly the most expectant mothers can make a cause of stress in itself.
  • Unwanted pregnancy. It could also be a risk factor for the onset of anxiety sad self stress on the mother when her current pregnancy is a pregnancy that is not expected. Either by the mother herself, her husband and for her family.
  • Problems in Financial Economics. it can also make the most common cause against the pregnant woman. Having a new baby means that the cost of living will increase and there are many parents who are stressed so as the cost of prenatal care, delivery fees, baby equipment, and long-term other financial issues such as saving for a child's college education, and other things that create stress significant. This can be exacerbated if it happened when the father or head of the family was adalam future job loss or unhappiness with the work environment.
  • According to a doctor from the University of Miami Medical School, stress or depression in pregnant women were not addressed and handled properly can cause interference with the fetus still in the womb and the emergence of mental health problems in children later.
Based on the research, found an interesting trend in children born of mothers seorangg experiencing severe emotional distress. These children tend to have high stress hormone levels, brain activity which is highly sensitive to depression, showed little expression and experience symptoms like someone who suffered severe psychological stress as well.

Tips on How to Overcome Stress Depression Pregnancy
  • There are some tips and ways to cope with stress in pregnant women. Some things that can be done by pregnant women is as follows which is a part in order to prevent maternal stress are:
  • Undergo periods of pregnancy with a sense of happiness and happy so that when the fetus will be born and will become a baby and the fruit of love between husband and wife. And this could be one way to strengthen harmony in a household that was fostered both.
  • Multiply seek knowledge and information about how to How to Maintain Healthy Pregnancy. Both in terms of maintaining the health of pregnant women themselves and also maintain the health of the fetus up to the unborn baby.
  • Keeping a diet and a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy nine months. And a lot of healthy foods for pregnant women.
  • Many ask mothers who already have a lot of experience in the process of pregnancy and childbirth and lactation of the baby later.
  • Rest comfortably and quite apart at home, choose a place that is comfortable and quiet vacation. Note also the exact position of rest and a healthy sleeping position for pregnant women and make it comfortable.
  • Getting the full support of her husband and extended family are also in the running period of nine months it contains will give a very significant value to the wife. And may be one way in order to cope with emotional stress in pregnancy also
  • If there is a problem, communicate well with her husband, when associated with pregnancy health. Consult with your obstetrician reliable can be the solution of choice.
  • Always pray to God to always given health in times of pregnancy until the time comes later delivery process has the time comes. And could exceed the delivery time well too.


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