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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tips to Maintaining Healthy Pregnancy

Having a baby is born healthy of course be the desire of every pregnant women, to get it of course you have to try and always keep your content. for you who are pregnant, you have to perform a lot of things that can make a prospective baby you were born with healthy and will grow into a smart kid. For this you can follow the tips keep the pregnant mother's womb to get the baby is born healthy following.

Tips maintain pregnancy

The health of a pregnant woman has turned out to be a very profound effect on prospective baby. Therefore if you want your baby was born healthy, you must keep your body's health. Here are some tips to keep and maintain the health of your pregnancy and the baby:

1. Consumption of nutritious food
By the time a woman is pregnant, then the nutritious food is the most important factor to determine the health of the fetus inside the womb. If you are pregnant then you are enjoined to consume nutritious food, full of nutrients needed by pregnant women. Sepertisayur food you can consume green vegetables, fruits, and and as a supplement to pregnant women can consume maternal milk, although it is not mandatory.

2. Do exercise
For a pregnant woman does not mean they should not be exercising. Exercise for pregnant women is also highly needed for the health of the fetus, as with exercise, the fetus in the womb will become more relaxs and they will grow healthily. For pregnant women exercise itself may indeed be a little different with the ordinary people. For pregnant women you can melakuakan some sports such as gymnastics pregnant women, yoga and even run a small run in the plant slowly.

3. Get enough rest
For a pregnant woman had to be more rested, after melakuakn some activity then the next you can take a break for relaxation of mind and body that has been exhausted. A pregnant woman must spend a lot of time to rest, because the impact would be very dangerous for a mother amyl ang too much activity and too tired.

4. Pay attention to the environment
For pregnant women usually they are very sensitive, easily tired, are prone to some diseases and others. To overcome this problem and of course also to make a pregnant mother and baby in the womb is healthy, then the environment must also be in perhatiakan. Environment tends one of the factors that can cause a person's health, then it must also be in perhataikan for pregnant women, because the impact will be felt by the fetus inside the womb as well.

5. Get used to control a doctor
For tips on maintaining a subsequent pregnancy is a way often mengontol condition of pregnancy, antenatal care so that you control your pregnancy, then you can find out about the progress of your pregnancy. dokterpun will provide specific guidance for you so that you will get your baby's health and also would be very awake.

Here are 7 list of activities that should be avoided during pregnancy, as reported among others:

1. Too hard exercise
You still need to exercise during pregnancy to maintain balance or pressure in the abdomen or lower back naturally. But if the exercise you are doing too hard can threaten the health of the fetus in the womb. Avoid extreme sports such as strength training or cycling at a high intensity.

2. Clean the house with cleaning chemicals
Pregnant women are not advised to make direct contact of the products household cleaners contain chemicals, such as cleaning fluids and bathroom floor. Exposure to chemicals has been associated with impaired fetal development in the womb.
Choose alternatives to clean the house without having to contain chemicals that are harmful to the pregnancy, such as vinegar and water or baking soda.

3. Using a lotion containing chemicals
Some research suggests that the use of lotions and other beauty products may affect hormone levels. Experts advise to choose a lotion that contains natural ingredients such as olive oil, green tea or grape seed rather than containing mineral oil.

4. Hair Coloring
A pregnant woman is not allowed at all to dye his hair, but you should be picky what products you use. Natural dyes such as henna and vegetable dyes are safer for pregnant women than hair dye made from chemicals.
In addition, focus on hair coloring at any part of its length and avoid putting paint on the scalp. Also make sure you are in a well-ventilated area when using hair dye.

5. Drinking alcohol
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can harm the pregnancy regardless of the levels and amounts. Even now the experts really do not know the limit of alcohol that are safe to take during pregnancy.

6. Take pain medication
Do not just taking analgesics when you're not feeling well, including aspirin because it can thin the blood. It can affect the heart and kidneys of the fetus, so consult with your doctor about your condition before taking the drug at the pharmacy.

7. Do not be too long soak in warm water
Pregnant women also need relaxation as soaking in warm water. But if too long soak in water with a temperature that is too hot, it can affect the health of the unborn baby.

Well if you are pregnant, the pregnancy care tips that have been mentioned and described above you can use as your benchmark. sjaa every pregnant woman would want everything that is best for the fetus, therefore you should really keep your body so kesehtan fetus in your belly will be born healthy.

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