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Sunday, September 13, 2015


No health benefits of cycling for 30 more? haa .. do not believe? ok let's discuss. Cycling is a healthy sport. You can bike anywhere. With cycling, the many benefits to be gained. So for those who like cycling, know the benefits of cycling thirtieth below.


1. Maintain Endurance Body
Given cycling is a sport, if you do it regularly will obviously make healthy. A healthy body, it will load my immune system is always awake.

2. Healthy Heart Organ
Pedaling need power. Will rhythmic heartbeat when you are pedaling. Near and far, the rhythm of the heartbeat will be different. When you are cycling distance, it will make your heart healthier.

3. Muscle Tightening
Cycling will make your body muscles become more toned. Because all parts of your body will inevitably have to be moved. Although the legs to pedal, but the hand, back and other parts of the body will be stimulated to participate moves.

4. Set Breathing
You would be breathless when riding a bike for a long time and distance of many kilometers. But it will nourish your breathing. You will be able to tertaur in breathing. It's good exercise before warming up and cooling down before and after. Benefits of heating and cooling is very important to set the rhythm during exercise.

5. Strengthening Framework Body
Maybe people thought that if cycling, then the position of the body slightly bent. Do not think it will make the body becomes bent. Rather, your body will be strong and upright with cycling every day.

6. Healthy Diet Options
Choosing cycling way to diet, then your body would clearly benefit health. You do not need to torture the body to avoid the consumption of certain foods. Originally diet you awake, then it is enough with your bike.


7. Not Easy Esophageal Disease
With cycling, then the body will be healthy. Maintaining the immune system, the disease will be difficult to grow in your body.

8. Reduce Stress Levels
If you are attacked by mild stress, try to cycling. Sstress guaranteed you will be reduced. Because when you are cycling, then you will see a lot of different scenery. So as to forget the fatigue that hit you immediately.

9. Banish Complaints Pain In Back
Still young, then Sehatkan body in the right way, namely, bicycling. Guaranteed if you frequently complain of back pain, as long as you regularly cycling, then the complaint would not you feel back.

10. Make Mind Over Calm
With cycling, you will be able to calm the mind. Because by pedaling a bicycle, there is rhythm regularity you did. Physical activity can be influential in your mind. So if you feel the mind does not go quiet, Bike ride.

11. Capable of Controlling Body Oxygen Supply
Cycling, then you will breath panting. The flow of oxygen to be much depleted due to large energy you use. But by doing so, your body is able to menontrol supply of oxygen the body. No need to worry oxygen your body is reduced.

12. Preventing Cancer
Cancer classified as a disease that quickly spread throughout the body. Cancer also includes diseases that thrive in the long term. So you do not have contracted cancer, then do the exercise bike. Possibility if there are cells that lead to cancer, when your body is always in good health, then the cells were originally going to be a cancer can be prevented growth.


13. Adding Many Friends
With your hobby cycling, then you will certainly be interested to follow cycling. From there you will meet many new people. And who would have thought you would be invited to join or are interested to join a bike club. Cycling can also add socialization among many people who like cycling.

14. Prevention of Diseases Obesity
If you do not want to suffer from the disease of obesity, then feel the benefits of cycling. Obesity can be prevented with your bike.

15. Save The View of Financial
Of course you often hear Bike To Work. You want and follow these recommendations, it can save your expenses. Financially, it will be keenly felt. If during the two days you have to spend some money to buy gas, then the gas money can you tube.

16. Balancing System Metabolism
Do not until you have metabolic disorders. Sehatkan and keeping your metabolic system diligently cycling.

17. Able to Solve Congestion
If you live in the capital, then the congestion every day greeting. With cycling, then you are no longer a headache down the road. Because the bike can take narrow roads more quickly. And if there are people who see you cycle to work, then it will be a trigger for others to follow the way you use the bike to overcome bottlenecks.

18. Balancing the Coordination Body
People who are cycling, then attention must be properly focused. The body should be able to be well coordinated. With cycling habits, the coordination body will be balanced.

19. Burner Calories In The Body
For those of you who worry about a full body fat, then do cycling. With cycling, then there is movement. Of the more energy you do will be able to do the burning of calories. So no excess fat in the body.

20. Many Interesting Experience
Who would have thought you want cycling to the office, then you'll find a lot of experience. Not just experience but is said to be an interesting experience. Because the streets are taken using the bike relatively freely. If you want to choose yan deserted road, it will be a lot of experience that you see with a small alley down to your office.

21. Vehicles That Can Save Time
For those not used to cycling, of course for a distance of one hundred kilometers just feels slow. But if it is used and able to adjust the stroke, it will be fast. When you are in a hurry to get to a place and found a traffic jam, then tdak need to worry if the bike. Your time will be much faster than expected.

22. Supports Go Green Movement
With cycling you want, then you support the Go Green movement. You participate in saving the earth is getting hot. Although little is doing the Go Green movement, but if you consistently do that, then there are other people who inspired you.

23. Environmental Friendly Vehicles
When cycling, you do not need to refuel as gasoline. When dikayuh else there will be no fumes coming out. So it would be an advanced environment cleaner. Selecting cycling make the environment reap the benefits. Because bicycles are environmentally friendly vehicles.

24. Easy In Treatment
Bicycles are rarely damaged. In terms of treatment, including bike easily. Provided you every day check, then the bike will be fine. As long as you use to cycling, the bike will be fine. But at least once a month should be your service.

25. Transport 25. The Economical
By buying a bike, then the benefits that you will gain is economical. You can still go everywhere by bike. Buy was at an economical price.

26. Easy To Use
Anyone can learn to use a bicycle. As a lightweight two-wheeled vehicles, bicycles are very easy to learn. So anyone will be able to use the bike anywhere.

27. Can Di Place Everywhere
Although the bicycle parking is still very rare, but in big cities have started there is parking for bicycles. If you visit a place that does not exist bicycle parking when cycling, then place in a side wall or a place that allows the bike to be easy in pengawaan. Likewise, when the parking lot was jammed, if you are cycling to the site will still be able to find a place to park your bike.

28. Sports The Festive Offers
Exercise bike, then you have chosen a cheap sport. You simply use bicycles and free to choose your exercise bike route.

29. Throughout Age Non Cycling
If your age is now said to be elderly but would like cycling, then it is not a problem. You will not be banned for cycling. No word age in cycling.

30. Flexible Sports
Another benefit of cycling is free to do at any time. You are free to choose the time for cycling. So it can be said that cycling as a sport that is done with a flexible.


Do not need a lot of preparation for cycling. You simply provide adequate clothing, helmets or shoes if necessary. You may only need to prepare additional tools, which are usually already into one package in the purchase of a new bicycle. Unless cycling down hill, you may have to use clothes, shoes, and a special helmet. Cycling, do not need complicated when going to start.

The benefits of cycling are very good for the health of the human body, for that routine was cycling for optimal health.

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