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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Here are some Handling And Treatment For Anxiety Disorders

1. Sedatives, such as antidepressants, antihistamines, benzodiazepines. Side effects of the drug in the long term, namely dependence and neurological disorders.

2. The systematic relaxation techniques on the part of the body, such as meditation and yoga.

3. Cognitive behavioral therapy
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach to talk. CBT aims to solve problems concerning dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and cognitions through a procedure-oriented, and systematic in the present. help patients identify thoughts that contribute to anxiety. This usually takes many months or even years.

Some physicians and researchers are more oriented cognitive (eg, cognitive restructuring), while others are more oriented behavior (in vivo exposure therapy). Other interventions combine both (eg, imaginal exposure therapy). CBT was primarily developed through the integration of behavioral therapy with cognitive therapy. While rooted in rather different theories, both traditions find common ground in focusing on the "here and now", and reduce symptoms Many CBT treatment programs for specific disorders have been evaluated for success ;. Health trends of evidence-based medicine, in which specific treatments recommended for diagnosis based on symptoms, has favored CBT over other approaches such as psychodynamic treatments. In the UK, the National Institute for Health danClinical Excellence (NICE) recommends CBT as a treatment of choice for a number of mental health problems, including post traumatic stress disorder, OCD, bulimia nervosa, and clinical depression.

4. Emotional Freedom Technique. A therapy utilizing the energy in the body by stimulating the meridian points of the body to improve the flow of energy tubuh.Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a practical psychological therapy that can handle a lot of diseases, both physical disease and psychological illness (problem thoughts and feelings ). EFT can be said is a psychological version of acupuncture treatment that uses jarum.EFT not use needles, but to harmonize the body's energy system at meridian points on your body by tapping (tapping) by the end of this jari.Cara an effective way and fast to cope with not only anxiety, but also other emotional problems.

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT EFT does not claim that it is perfect. But in many cases, EFT works very quickly and with spectacular results. EFT often managed to heal where other techniques can not.
Some of the problems can be resolved with EFT include: Anxiety, Anger, Compulsive Behavior, Panic disorder, addiction (cigarettes or drugs), Stress and Depression, Trauma, Fear and Phobia (height, animals, or certain objects), Anxiety in public places, fear of public speaking, Headaches / Migraines, eliminate negative beliefs, sense of shame / guilt, Insomnia, disappointment or hurt, Peak Performance, sexual problems, problems in children or women, cancer, allergies and other problems.

Working Principle EFT
EFT is an emotional version of acupuncture techniques. In contrast to acupuncture techniques in general, using a needle, using the EFT tapping (tapping lightly) with a finger in 18 meridian points of the body to cope with almost all the emotional and physical barriers. Eighteen alone? Yes, indeed there are only 18 points which need to be studied in EFT. You do not need to learn 300 acupuncture points using needles.
When a person is experiencing emotional barriers such as anger, disappointment, sadness, anxiety, stress, trauma etc., The flow of energy in the body through the meridian points of the body will be disrupted. And to remove obstacles emotion over, we need to improve the flow disturbances in meridian points by way of tapping a finger in a certain way according EFT techniques.
To do knock on the 18th meridian points of the body only requires 4 procedures are simple and easy to remember, which is called the basic recipe (basic recipe). This procedure can be used to solve almost all the problems of negative emotions and physical. It's easy to learn EFT, you only need to take about 3 hours.

5. Hypnotherapy
A method of treatment reaching the subconscious mind which is the source of "anxiety program" saved. Hypnotherapy can justify such wrong thinking program.

How it Works Hypnotherapy
We can say an affirmation or a suggestion to someone in a conscious without any results, but if we say the same suggestion in a state of hypnosis, then the result is extraordinary.

The conscious mind / conscious mind is a mental process that you are aware of and can you control. The subconscious mind / subconscious mind is a mental process that functions automatically so you do not menyadarinya.Besarnya influence the conscious mind of all aspects of a person's life, such as attitudes, personalities, behaviors, habits, ways of thinking, and mental condition of a person is only 12%. While the influence of the subconscious mind is 88%. For simplicity we round it off to 10% and 90%. From here we can know that the subconscious mind to control ourselves nine times more powerful than the conscious mind sadar.Pikiran has the function of identifying the incoming information, comparing the data that already exists in our memory, analyzes the incoming data and new data will decide stored, discarded or ignored sementara.Sementara the subconscious mind that its capacity is much greater than the conscious mind has a function that is far more complex. All the functions of our organs set up the way it works on the subconscious mind. Besides the values ​​we hold, the system trust and confidence in everything is also stored here. Our long-term memory is also contained in the subconscious mind sadar.Garis dashed (in the picture above) illustrations-clicking the Critical Factor. Critical Factor is part of the mind which always analyze all incoming information and determine the rational actions of a person. Critical Factor protects the subconscious mind of ideas, information, suggestion or other forms of thought that could change the course of the mind that has been embedded under sadar.Ketika we are in a conscious, as now, Critical Factor will block the affirmation or suggestion that we want to instill into the subconscious mind. Suggestion uttered in a conscious obstructed by Critical Factor, so the effect is very small or even none at sekali.Saat hypnotist do hypnosis, what happens is hypnotist mem-by-pass Critical Factor subjects (people being hypnotized) and directly communicate with the subconscious conscious subject. By-pass here should not be mistaken as a form of manipulation. Critical Factor penetrate this is done with a technique called "induction".

Induction can be done by making the conscious mind is made the subject of a busy, careless, tired, confused (do not understand) or tired that gateway to the subconscious mind, namely Critical Factor is open or not working properly. Critical Factor Because open or supervision is weak then the suggestion will directly reach the subconscious mind sadar.Critical Factor becomes active when a person is in a state of hypnotic trance. Therefore, all suggestions - as long as not contrary to belief systems and basic values ​​adopted by someone - would be accepted by the subconscious mind as truth, then saved as a program of mind. The program that has been implanted mind through suggestion in a state of hypnosis, will be the drivers of change instantly and permanently.

Five Tips to Eliminate Anxiety Disorders
There are different types of anxiety disorders, but the main characteristics of the underlying is due to irrational thinking, excessive worry and fear. Anxiety and panic attacks occur randomly and often arise for those who suffer from anxiety disorders or have problems. When an anxiety disorder occurs, it causes headaches, nausea, tremors and irrational fear and nervousness.
There are different triggers for different types of anxiety disorders, but here are 5 tips to help you cope with anxiety and panic attacks that will happen.
  •  Learn to Relax. Relaxation techniques can help you to reduce the effects of anxiety and panic attack symptoms, such as headache and sweating. By concentrating on yourself and blocking all the negative emotions and the environment around you, you can relax the body and breathing. This will reduce the intensity of symptoms, but should not be used as an alternative to medical treatment tepat.Mendekatkan to God also help you to relax, get used to doing it in the morning or in the evening. It will help you learn to calm the body and mind. Also, set aside time for yourself to relax and unwind every day, and this will reduce the stress and strain of work or life.
  • Find the Right Care. There are various treatments available for anxiety disorder, and is very important to choose the correct and effective treatment with different treatment for different types. Drugs can limit the symptoms, but not a quick drug has many side effects that are often worse. Cognitive and behavioral therapy is more suitable because it helps you tolerate the causes of anxiety attacks, and will help you to cope with your disorder.
  • Change Your Lifestyle. Take exercise at least twice a week, to help you get your body back in shape. There are many forms of exercise, and as a suggestion may include brisk walking or swimming. Your diet also plays a big part, and you must try to maintain a balanced diet. Reduce processed foods and high-sugar snacks. Substances such as alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine are also highly discouraged because they act as a stimulant or a depressant, and can trigger an anxiety attack you. If you feel that your work is too stressful, try changing to one that is more relaxed instead. Remember, your health is wealth.
  • Looking for Support. Harbored emotions is not healthy, than it is recommended that you share emotions and experiences with friends and family. Share with them about your problems, and tell how you will try to overcome and recover problem you are facing. They may have valuable suggestions, at least, they can help to support you emotionally. Support groups and counseling professionals have also become an alternative. Talk about your anxiety will also help you to accept the situation, and better understand the causes of your anxiety attacks.
  • Self Monitoring. Take time to relax and unwind, and make sure your body and your mind at ease. Make a list of the causes of anxiety attacks / panic you, and try to identify what triggered. Once you do that, you can find the right solution, whether it is facing problems or simply avoid.

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