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Friday, September 25, 2015

Do not Sleep Wear Contact Lenses

For those who do not like to wear glasses to correct their vision, contact lenses can be an option. Unfortunately, nearly 99 percent of contact lens users have yet to implement hygienic habits.

One of the most frequent mistakes made contact lens users is to sleep without removing contact lenses. In a survey in the United States, approximately 50-87 percent of people do it.

Removing the contact lenses and clean up and store it in special fluids before bed it feels merpotkan. But the habit of sleeping with still wear contact lenses should be removed.

Sleeping with contact lenses, even if only briefly as a nap, can cause abrasion of micro (small incision) in the eye. It's like opening the way for bacteria to enter the cornea and cause infection. The most dangerous of these infections is blindness.

Sleeping without releasing contact lenses also can reduce the sensation in the cornea. As a result, we do not directly feel the infection so that treatment can be delayed.

In addition very eye tissue needs oxygen in order to stay sharp eyesight. Lack of oxygen, in extreme cases, can lead to the formation of small blood vessels in the cornea and gradually obstruct vision.

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