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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Choosing Based on Body Shape Women's Clothing

For women dress is not just a body protector and cover genitalia alone. Apparel is the embodiment of character and their passion for art. So do not be surprised if the apparel industry is growing rapidly until comes the fashion world.

For women, looking good is an obligation and they will try to come up with the most suitable fashion with themselves where the woman was. Not only on casual occasions, women also want to look perfect when they are at work. Up comes the fashion for women to work. But you should be aware when they want to choose the right clothes in the work is the shape of our body. Every human being has a body shape that is different, therefore we should not dissolve in following a trend without thinking about the good and butuknya for ourselves. Here are some tips on choosing clothes women based on body shape.

Choose your clothes for petite

Most women have bone and muscle mass smaller than men, therefore many women who have little body, especially for those who are native Indonesian descent. There are several things that must be considered when choosing work clothing for the tiny body, the first is to choose clothes for working women according to body size. Women clothes that are too big and long to the knees will make your body seem to sink. For that, choose tops that length does not exceed your hips. The use of clothes with matching color between superiors and subordinates also must be considered as a matching color will give the impression of higher. for members of the higher impression, you can also equip it with a V-neck tops or tops with vertical stripes.

The next tips is to avoid using a dark colored clothes women because it will make your body look even smaller. Use only tops with bright colors or soft. Details on clothes such as wrinkles, wrinkles, or pleated can give a full impression on your little body.

If you decide to wear a skirt, try not to wear a skirt having a certain width and length. This model will skirt menengelamkan your little body. choose a skirt with a standard size or mini knee-length skirt. Election belt should also be considered, large and wide belts it is becoming a trend, but if you have a petite body, then this belt will make your makeup look strange and disproportionate.

Choose your clothes for tall skinny

Many women think that the tall, thin body is the most ideal body shape. But you still have to pay attention because if the wrong choice of clothes, you will not look attractive. Tips on choosing clothes women with high thin body is to avoid clothes that are too tight. Tight clothes will not make you look attractive but will actually make you look more slender. Collar with V-neck models should also be avoided because it will create a bony become increasingly class and you look thinner.

To address the thin body, you can follow a few tips such as wearing a blazer with knit material to increase the volume of your body. subordinate election also should consider, if you want to wear pants. Choose pants that fit in the leg and not too tight.

If you want to use a skirt, choose a skirt in bright colors which will give a full impression on your body. Large patterned skirt can also choose to avoid the impression of too skinny. Kind of skirt that should be avoided is a dark colored skirt, made from a thin, patterned vertical, skirts that are too loose, and skirts that are too tight. You can also use a scarf or necklace rather large to make your body become a little fuller.

Tips on choosing clothes for your body fat

Many women feel uncomfortable with the shape of the body is fat or tend to be large. If you have a body shape like this, do not rush to get discouraged. With a few tips and techniques in combining a woman's dress, you can still look attractive during work.

The most common tips are commonly practiced by women who are obese woman was wearing dark clothes. Dark colored clothing tends to disguise the shape of the body so as to make your body look slimmer. In addition, the selection of clothes that fit the body can also be done to disguise the shape of the body.

One technique used to disguise the shape of the body is to give the impression of higher. Then you can use the high he

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